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11 Things To Do Before Applying For An Adsense Account

Every blogger's dream is to get a fully approved adsense account but it's not so easy to get a fully approved account. Nowadays adsense rules are becoming tougher and tougher.In the middle of  these rules, there are some things which you should  do before submitting your blog for the approval.If you had done these things then there will be a slight chance for the approval.Google Adsense is the best advertising network which can be used to monetize your blog almost every bloggers try or use adsense on their blog. Adsense forms are not verified by robots they are done manually by Google officials.So getting it will be lot more tougher than any advertising networks.

Google Adsense is the best and the largest ads network available.They work on the basis of pay per click.Their pay per click rates are the best available.These are some of the reasons why bloggers are running after adsesne. Since there is a huge demand Google had made their approval system damn strict.So am here to help you! Make Sure you do these things before submitting your blog to Google.

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1.Privacy Policy

It's one of the basic mistakes that every blogger makes,without a privacy policy your chance for approval is 0%.Some may say it's not so important for a blog to have privacy policy but google always keeps an eye on privacy policy of blogs.I personally made this error thrice,after reading some articles i found that privacy policy is a must for every blogs. A privacy policy is nothing but a statement which gives a brief idea of your blog.Privacy policy improves the relationship with readers.

2.About Me

When it comes to adsense about me page is a must.Without about me page you will have 0% chance for getting approved.This page helps to maintain a good relation between the readers and yourself.About me page should give a brief idea of you and your blog.

3.Minimum Number Of Posts

When you are submitting your blog for adsense account make sure that your blog contains about 40-50 well written posts.This is rough figure let's see what happened to me. One of my blogs Gamescay had 400+ posts but when i applied for an adsense account  it got rejected in the next hour itself.After that i had found that google does not look for the numbers they only look for the contents.According to me you should have 50-60 posts with 500+ words in each of them.

4.Contact Us 

Contact us page is another important page which plays a major role in adsense approval.Contact us page provides a platform for your readers to contact you thereby you could improve the trust.This page enables google to check how you are treating your readers.


After content the next big thing is design you should take at most care while designing your blog.This will act as a platform for show casing your talent,experience and professionalism to Google.

6.Goodbye to Sub Domains

It's fact that you can get adsense account through sub domains like and nowadays google is giving some kind of restriction to these kind of hosted domains. Always try to get a custom domain before applying for adsense account.Search engines like google and yahoo likes custom domains.

7.Paid Traffic

Google always hates paid traffic.If you are paying for getting traffic then it's time to stop because with paid traffic you are not going to achieve your ultimate goal of adsense. Google often penalizes webmaster for using paid traffic.


If you want to get an adesense account then you should be 18 or above.Google is damn strict in this age stuff.So when you are typing your age make sure that you type it correctly.

9.No Adult Content

Google won't place their ads on adult sites so try to make a blog on some good niche and submit for adsense.

10.Other Ad Network

If you are using any advertising network,then it's time to say good bye if you are looking forward for an adsense account.

11.Domain Age

In many Asian countries like India,Pakistan,China google adsense rules are quite strict.Your domain should  at least be 6 months older before submitting for an adsense account.


If you are blogger without an adsense account then try these things before submiting again.Hope you guys enjoyed my post.Subscribe me to stay tuned for more tips.Leave a comment for any doubts.


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