Friday, June 14, 2013

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3rd Party Comment System For Blogger

Last year google had changed blogger interface,unfortunately they still retained the old comment system. Blogger commenting system is not so user friendly and normal people will hesitate to put a comment to your posts. As we all know if there are many comments on a post then that post will get easily noticed. The old comment system can be changed with the help of some third party commenting systems like Disqus,Intense Debate and  Face book commenting system. These third party comment system for blogger not only give a tidy look but also include many features like spam control,blacklist and white list management.

Today I,will make you aware of some top third party comment system for blogger users. Some of these commenting systems are Disqus,Intense Debate and Face book commenting system. From these three commenting system I would like to opt Disqus because of its stylish look and more mature features.


From the first paragraph of this article i am repeatedly telling it improves your blogs traffic to an extent.I would insist every blogger on blogspot platform to shift to any of these commenting system. After the recent Google updates search engines are giving more priority to the number of words. More in numbers means higher chance to be on the top.So getting more comments improves the total number of words.So every blogspot bloggers should shift to any of these commenting system.


As we all know about 75% of readers wont like to read lengthy articles. You can restrict your articles to 500-600 words if you can get more comments. Getting more comments on blogspot blog is merely impossible with the old comment system. If you have a neat and tidy commenting system no one will  hesitate to leave a comment.


Disqus it the best third party commenting system for blogspot users.It replaces the old untidy comment system with a new neat and tidy one. You can remove this comment system whenever you want. Removal won't  cause any loss of comments obtained,Disqus syncs its comment with default commenting system. Earlier days google were not indexing disqus comments,but now google started to index disqus comments too.Only disadvantage is, it increases the loading time of your page. Disqus comment system is also mobile friendly.This blog is using disqus comment system.

Intense debate comment system is one of the best third party commenting system.This system is also known as comment luv for blogspot users. Comment luv plugin is a commenting plugin used by many wordpress blogs.Intense debate comment system is a product of Automattic. Automattic is famous for Polly daddy,Word press and Akismet. Intense debate keep live your discussions by sending email to commentators about the response.Intense debate offers the famous comment luv plugin for the bloggers. 

Facebook Comment System

Facebook comment system is one another 3rd party comment system for blogspot users. Use this features only if you have a good social media relations ship. It improves your social media relations and thereby increases the traffic. When a person comments on your blog using this comment system,all of his friends are alerted by face book notification this increases the probability of getting more comments.

      Hope you guys liked reading this. If yes then please leave your valuable comments!

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  1. Am still insinuating whether to change my blog default comment system. skeptically, am confused. got to make a better choice now.


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