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Top 5 Google Adsense Alternatives - Sites Like Google Adsense

Every bloggers dream is to get an approved Adsense account.In my initial stages of blogging I was so desperate to get an adsense account.I tried every possible ways,but every time my application got rejected so i was forced to check  about adsense alternatives. I just googled many words like adsense alternatives and sites like adsense and all. I got handful of sites like adsense. Then I tried to dig deeper into these sites to find out which one is good and which is not. After all research I found that none can pay you like adsense. But stick to the proverb Something is better than nothing. Today I would provide you top 5 adsense like sites. There are many advertising network out there all over the Internet. Real difficulty lies in selecting the best network. Today I will give you a list of advertising networks which i found useful. These are some of  the results obtained from my personal experience.

Google Adsense Alternatives - Sites Like Google Adsense

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1. Adbrite

Adbrite is one of best site like Adsense.Adbrite pays their publishers on the basis of pay per click. It has got many great features like low payout , pay pal facility and many more. They also have some limitations,they are unable to provide wide range of ad units to its publishers. If you are getting a good amount of traffic then you can easily get ranked higher in its market place.

2. Yahoo Bing Ad Network

What will happen when two worlds biggest search engines tie up together. Yes,I am off to talk  about Yahoo Bing Ads. Please don't get confused this with YPN and Microsoft's adcenter. It is said that in the nearing future Yahoo Bing Ads are going to outclass Google Adsense. Publishers can sign up to Yahoo bing ad network through Getting their publisher account is quite tough (not much as you think but still it is somewhat tough) . If you have good amount of US traffic then you got better chance to be approved. Yahoo bing ad network enables its publishers to customize the ad unit  in terms of style ,shape and size.The main problem of this advertising network is, it's has high payout of $100.

3. Chitika

Chitika which is preferably pronounced as CHIH-tih-ka is one of the best advertising network. Chitika entered into advertising firm on 2003.It is basically a search-targeted advertising network. Massachusetts based company had become a trusty channel between the advertisers and the publishers.If you have a good amount of US traffic then you can make good amount of money easily.

4. Infolinks

I cannot say Infolinks as an alternative because it can also be used along with Google Adsense. Infolinks is one among the best text advertising networks. You can add this advertising network using respective plugins available on their publisher page.In addition to text advertising they also provide many new features like Intag, Inframe. Minimum payout for Infolinks is only 50$ which is paid through paypal or wire transfer. I would recommend using this if you want to make some extra money other than your Adsense income.

5. Clicksor

Clicksor is one of the best adsense like site. Finest part of Clicksor is , you can easily get a clicksor account there are not much formalities like pageviews and all. Basically Clicksor is a contextual advertising network.Unlike all otehr advertisng networks cost per click (CPC) rate of clicksor is quite high. Minimum payout of Clicksor is $50 which is paid through Paypal.

So wisely choose any one adsense alternatives from the list provided. Don't stop at these alternatives you should keep on trying for an Adsense account. Hope you enjoyed my post.


  1. This really nice and indeed very best alternative to Google AdSense since the way of Google adsense cannot be determined

    1. Thanks for your compliments.Keep visiting and stay tuned with us

  2. I got approved of Adsense and i am using infolinks also.. but i am not at all getting earnings.. very very low earnings.With adsense can i use yahoo bing and clicksor??
    My blog:
    what should i do to improve traffic to my blog.??

  3. Adsense earnings depends on your position, traffic , demographics and all. Adsense is the best source of income for every blogger. Try to different methods to increase your ctr rates of adsense.

  4. Since adbrite is now gone, yahoo bing network is tops now but they pay me around 1/4 of what google pays so dont burn your bridges... specifically google bridge

  5. Very nice information,I have struggled with adsense to get account approval it was rejected me many times so i am using chitika it nice for me,we find other Adsense Alternatives is Yahoo! Bing Network (YBN),Technorati Media...

    1. Yes kiran you are absolutely right. Yahoo is the best adsense alternative. CPC rates of yahoo ad networks are great. Getting an approved adsense account is difficult these days but somehow you could manage it out with google adsense alternatives. Thanks for visiting and leaving such a great comment.

  6. great article, i like your site very much...


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