Friday, June 28, 2013

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Top 5 Free Tools For Checking Your Site's Backlinks

Backlinks , If you are a regular blogger then this a word which will be familiar to you,but newbies seems to be wonder mouthed and starts complaining that they never heard about it Don't worry today I am here to help you guys to deal with Back links.If are blogging for a month or twice then i am sure you would have heard about SEO. Backlinks are the most important  part in the entire search engine optimization process.Nowadays search engine giants like google, is quite strict on the quality of  backlinks. Google's recent updates mainly penguin update is targeted on the quality and quantity of backlinks. So if you want to stay in the race of blogging it's important to check the quality and quantity of backlinks to your site. Today i will help you with "How to Check Backlinks".There are many free tools which enables you to check the backlinks of your site's.Many of the backlink checker tools out there requires premium memberships to get the full access.I would provide a list which will really help you in checking the links pointing your site.

Backlink Checker

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#1 Google Webmaster Tools

I would like to say it is the first and the best tool to check the quantity and quality of links pointing your site.Google webmaster tool is a free online tool which provides quality data about your blog.Google webmaster tools provides a detailed report on the quantity and quality of backlinks to your site.Follow these steps to check backlinks using Google webmaster

  • Log into your webmaster account
  • Click on the blog's links which is to be checked
  • Click on more under Links to your site section
  • See the total number of links pointing to your site.Click on detailed report for knowing about the links.

#2 Open Site Explorer

SEOMoz is commonly known for offering wide varieties of useful tools for free.Open site explorer is a SEOMoz product.It helps to check your site's backlinks. Apart from backlinks list they also provide some other important details of your blog like page authority,domain authority, linking root domain and total social media shares. In SEOMoz you are able to generate CSV reports,generated reports are send to your email id within 3-4 hours.

#3 Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is another handy tool which provides detailed backlink history of your blog.This tool also provides inbound links data by month. Currently Majestic SEO is not providing its services to subdomains. Let's hope it will provide backlink datas of subdomains in future!

#4 Backlink Watch 

Backlink watch is a simple backlink checking tool.Just enter the url of your blog and click on check backlinks.It provides detailed data on your site's inbound links.Apart from backlinks they also show no follow and do follow attributes,Page rank,anchor text and out bound links of different the pages.

#5 Alexa

Nowadays Alexa is becoming one of the best tool for checking key statistics of a website/blog. Alexa displays the total number of inbound links to a blog under site's reputation.Multiple links from the same site are counted only once on Alexa. Link popularity table of alexa excludes adult sites.


If you search google for backlink checker tools, you may find 100's of similar site. According to my knowledge these are the best tools for checking the links pointing to your site.Hope you guys enjoyed my article subscribe my news letter for getting updated.


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