Monday, June 17, 2013

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How To Add Wikipedia Search Box Widget In Blogger

Yesterday I was talking about Bounce Rate and how to reduce bounce rate of your blog.Today i will help you to add wikipedia search box widget in your blogger blog.Blogger officials were continuously working on blogger widgets to make it search engine friendly.Wikipedia search box is another widget developed by google itself. Adding Wikipedia search box to your blog have many advantages. This search widget reduces the bouncing of visitors to an extent. I came to know about this widget accidently but after using it in one of my blog I found it as super cool. This widget is recently launched by blogger itself so I am sure there will be no chance of any creepy bugs. This search widget is very much similar to that of google search box widget. Wikipedia search box is a very small box which enables your readers to learn more about your content. This widget is launched only for blogger.

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Wikipedia Search Box


We all know Wikipedia is a giant engine of informations.Wikipedia itself is a search engine like google and it has got alexa rank of 6. Having a wikipedia search box in your blog is an asset to your blog. If you are having an educational blog then you must install this widget.

This widget helps to improve the relation between you and your visitors. For example if you are reading about Google updates like google panda or penguin in a blog and you wanted to know more about it?What will you do ? I am sure you would search it on wikipedia or google. If the blog you were reading had an wikipedia search box I am pretty sure that you will search it there itself.

If you install  widgets like google search box and wikipedia search box in your blog then you can reduce the slipping away of visitors to a certain extent.


Adding this widget to your blogger blog is like slicing a piece of cake. Carefully follow the steps.

  • Enter >> layout
  • Click on Add Gadgets >> Click on More Gadgets
  • Now find wikipedia search box.It is shown in the picture given below
Add Wikipedia Search Box

  • Click on the + button and then continue to save button to complete your installation of the widget.
After adding wikipedia  search box to your blogger template, it will look like as shown below
Wikipedia Search Box 2013

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