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How To Configure Custom Robots Header Tags For Blogger

As we all know blogger is a free platform to start blogging.Since it's free you may think it's very difficult to do search engine optimization on blogger.If you are thinking in that way,then you are wrong.Blogger is a product of web giant "Google".Google officials are continuously working on blogger for improving its features for making it search engine friendly.Within last two years google had dramatically changed blogger platform changes include new interface,many new features like Search Description,Custom Robots.txt and Robots Header Tags.If you are using these new features effectively then i am damn sure that you can get huge amount of free web traffic from many popular search engines.Today am here to tell something about the newly added feature called Custom Robots Header Tags.This feature is really handy,it helps search engines for indexing your web pages easily.Robots Header Tags helps us to select the pages which are to be indexed and which are not to be indexed.You should use this tool carefully any simple mistakes can cause ultimate death of your blog(just kidding),but using it properly will bring you good search engine rankings.Don't worry i will help you! Just follow my simple steps.

How To Enable Custom Robots Header Tags For Blogger 

First and the foremost step is enabling Custom Robots Header Tags.By default it will be not be enabled.So you have to enable it.Follow the given steps for configuring custom robots header tag.

Step #1 : Log in to your blogger account.

Step #2 : Now navigate to Settings>Search preferences.Click on search preferences and scroll down you will be able to see Custom Robots Header Tag and Custom Robots.txt. It's shown below.
Configuring Custom Header Tags For Blogger Blogs

Step #3 : Now click on edit button and enable Custom Robots Header Tags.Now next step is the most important step.Edit the columns as shown in the picture given below.

Configuring Custom Header Tags For Blogger Blogs

Step #4 : After completing the above step click on save changes.You are all done! :)

Final Words

Hope you guys enjoyed my tutorial! One word to say Use this tool carefully.Follow my steps to configure robots headers tag for blogger.Wait for a while and watch your blog getting indexed!Still having any dobuts ?Then leave a comment below i will help you!Subscribe to Newsletter and stay tuned for further updates! 


  1. Thnx for this wonderful post.. :) would be useful to me.. :)

    1. Am glad to here that you liked the post.This would be certainly useful for you.If you have any doubts feel free to ask.Keep visiting for more tips

  2. This is awesome..but google just stop indexing my page when i changed my domain since then,my recent post have not been appearing on google search..

    1. You must submit the sitemap to google webamster tools. Then google will start indexing your posts again.

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  4. Dear Blog Master I can say "Great post" but it won't mean anything if I am still worried about the whole thing. So i won't say that unless my worries are vanquish by your skills (which i hope they will :))

    I have applied the above steps but I got some questions (like i said worries)

    1. Will it prevent my blog labels from showing up in google results ?
    2. Will it prevent my blog archives from showing up in google results ?
    3. Will it solve my duplicate meta description issue that I am constantly having in webmaster tools ?
    4. Generally how long does these changes take, to take effects (effects like not seeing my blog labels, archives showing up in google search results and duplicate meata description issues being resolved)

    And if any of these questions can't be answered by this post, please tell me where should I look for further recommendations. I would really appreciate question by question answering to my above four questions.


  5. One of the best articles. I will use it on my blog thans for remaining me about “On page seo”. Nice sharing :) after I'll try it on my blog, thanks :)


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