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Image Optimization Tips For Improving Blog Traffic

Are you tired of searching "How To Generate Traffic To Your Blog " then just carefully read this article I am pretty sure that you could make some good amount of traffic after applying my tips to your blogs.Setting up a blog is always easy but maintaining it is the toughest job in blogging.I am open heartily telling at my initial stages i was only getting  10-20 visitors per day at that time i thought that blogging is a waste of time.After reading lots of seo articles and experimenting it in my own blog, I saw my daily visitors shot up to 400-500 per day,After the uprising all my negative thoughts about blogging got changed.If your looking for such an uprising in your traffic graph then follow my instructions carefully.

Image Optimization

When you search for something in Google you may find web results along with image results. when a person clicks on images he is actually entering your site.Today i will help you with one of the best SEO  strategy in traffic generation through images.

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#1 Make Your Image Unique

Unique ? How to make Unique? Should I want click on my camera for uniqueness ? I think these are some of the questions which comes to your mind while reading the above subheading! Don't worry am at your service!I will help you to make unique pics without much work.

1. Download the images you required from Google Image search (always select the one with no watermark). Watermark the images,If you are using wordpress then there is a plugin named as watermark reloaded which helps you in watermarking the image.If you are a blogger user then your job is quite tiresome you should use some software's for watermarking.I am using ipicyy for watermarking my images.

2.If you are using the pictures taken from camera then keep an eye on the image name it will be something like Image45126.jpg change it! I mean something related to post for eg in this case (Image-optimization-for-increasing-traffic).Be careful when renaming the images never use underscores or  spaces for separating the words.Always use hyphens for separating words.

#2 Keywords! Keywords

Place your keywords in the relevant positions like

1)Title Tag
2)ALT Tag
3)Image Name
4) Contents around the image

Google robots are unable to read the images it can only read words so we want to optimize our images for robots.Adding above tags helps robots to read your images.ALT tag is the most important one.If you are a wordpress user then this can be done with help of a wordpress plugin named as SEO Image Plugin.
If you are blogger user then you want to edit it clicking properties of image.

#3 Submit Sitemaps

First and the foremost step that every blogger should do is submitting sitemap to webmasters.Sitemap is collection of data's of your website.Create your site's sitemap and submit it to Google webmaster tools.This pushes the robots to index all the images.At the end you will be getting enchanting results.For more details about submitting sitemaps read my earlier post What is Sitemap-Importance & Instructions

#4 Image Size

Image size is an important factor in Image optimization.Always try to keep the image size as low as possible.Any size between 20-60 KB is good.I always uses Microsoft Picture Manger for compressing the images.You can also compress the images with the help of online tools like Yahoo and Dynamic Drive.Another important factor is image format.Always try to use .JPEG format.if you can't get that then try for .PNG. Using .GIF format slows down your page.JPEG format is considered because it is supported in all websites and it boosts up your page speed.


As the web is growing faster and technology is improving page speed of  blogs matters in the world of internet.Lower the speed means lower readership. Nowadays images are playing a huge role in driving traffic.Always try to optimize your image before uploading it .I hope you guys will implement these steps into your blog!


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