Friday, June 14, 2013

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Make Money With CPM Advertising

Still waiting to get paid for clicks ? Its time to move on. Now you can get paid for the ad views,isn't it amazing ?Yes you will get paid for ad views with the help of  cpm (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) advertisement networks. CPM advertising pays according to the ad impressions. Confused with the term impressions ? An impression is simply the number of times a particular ad unit is viewed by a visitor on the page. Basically a CPM advertising network converts your traffic into blog golds.

By seeing this you may think it's quite good to try CPM ads. Unfortunately all cpm advertising networks requires high organic traffic. If you have a blog with 1000+ visitors a day then you are very likely to get approved. Placement of CPM ads are the most important step. Placing it in the most prominent place of your blog would grab steady extra income. Generally a CPM advertising network pays $1 to $3 per thousand impressions. If you are interested in CPM ads,then i would help you to choose the top 5 CPM advertising.


1. Tribal Fusion 

Tribal fusion is one of the best CPM advertising network. Getting an approved Tribal fusion account is a herculean task. When I last checked Tribal Fusion for one of my blogs the criteria they needed was about 60,000 unique visitors per month. That's a huge figure for newbies. If you are lucky enough to get a Tribal fusion account then you can make huge figures from Tribal Fusion alone. Getting a Tribal Fusion account is the toughest of all. Tribal Fusion's minimum payout is low compared to others. Tribal Fusion pays you via Check/Paypal. Minimum payout for both check and mail is $50.

2.Technorati Media

According to me Technorati media is one of the best and popular CPM advertisement network. Getting a technorati publisher account is not so difficult when compared to Tribal Fusion.This can also be used as an ad sense alternative.Technorati pays through four different methods which are Paypal,Check,Wire Transfer and account credit. Minimum payout for technorati is about $20.Customer Support is one of the best thing i would like to point out.

3. Value Click Ads

Value Click ads is another CPM network. This can also be used as an alternative for Technorati and Tribal Fusion. This ad network requires only 3000 page views per month. Main advantage of using this is, it features many new ad units. Minimum payout for Value Ad media is $25 which is paid through check or paypal.

4. Burst Media

Burst media is one of among the best CPM advertisement networks. Getting a Burst Media account is quite difficult as getting a technorati account. Burst media requires a monthly page view of 25,000 or 3000 unique page views per month. It is considered as the cheap advertisement network. Minimum payout for Burst Media is about $50 which is paid through Paypal or check.

5. Ad Pepper

Ad Pepper is another CPM advertising network which provide decent income.CPM rates of Ad Pepper ads are quite high but the rates lacks consistency. Getting approved to Ad Pepper is not so difficult as Technorati and Tribal Fusion. Minimum payout of Ad Pepper is about $50 and it is paid  through paypal method.

These are very few CPM networks which I found worth sharing.If you had experience with any of these, then please share it  with us!


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