Saturday, June 15, 2013

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Related Post Widget For Blogspot Blogs blogs have limited plugins or widgets compared to word press blogs. Within this limitations it is possible to rank well better than any word press blogs. For getting ranked you should have correct widgets at correct positions of your blog.Today I would help you to add Stylish Related post widget to your blogspot blog. Apart from giving a stylish look it also increases your sites traffic by reducing the bounce rate. Bounce rate is one of the main criteria considered by google for ranking pages on search engines. Showing related post widget with thumb nails improves your page views. According to me its  must to put a related post widget under every post. This related post widget suits best for any template due to its elegant design.

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Today I am here to teach you how to put a related post widget under every post.You can add related post widget with a help of a 3rd party site known as Linkwithin. Follow the steps to add Related post widget under every posts.

                             ADD LINKWITHIN TO YOUR BLOGSPOT BLOG

1) Go to Linkwithin

2)Fill the simple form provided by the site.Sample of form is shown below

Related Post Widgets For Blogspot Blogs

3) Click on get widget. Then a new tab will be opened on your browser.Click on Install widget,Blogger page will open up suddenly on a new tab.

Related Post Widget For Blogspot Blogs

4)Blogger widget opens in the new tab then click on the Add Widget. Pictorial approach is shown below.

Related Post Widget For Blogspot Blogs

5)Now the last step open layout and drag the widget towards the end of blog posts as shown in figure.

Related Post Widget For Bloggers

Congratulations you had successfully added the related post widget to your blogger blog.Still having any doubts regarding the installation then please inform us using the comment button.


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