Thursday, June 13, 2013

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Tips To Increase Traffic On Your Blog

Building up a blog is quite easy but maintaing them is the toughest part of blogging.In manyy sites like bloggers,blogcatlog..etc i found many bloggers complaining about low organic traffic. There are several reasons for low traffics to your blogs,they me be due to poor SEO,quality of content and many more like that.First and the foremost solution is finding your mistake.If you are able to learn from your mistakes then you can become a professional blogger.Being a blogger you must know that SEO is the foundation of a blog.If your foundation is poor then you know what may be  the strength of your building ? If you haven't thought of SEO then from this moment on onwards you should learn it .Learning SEO is not easy like learning your academic subjects. First of all you must know that SEO is the bedrock of Internet Marketing. Now let me share some tips to optimize your blog for increasing traffic.


1. Let The Search Engines Know Your Blog

I am only telling some basics of SEO.If you are good at these basics then you will get decent traffic to your blog. First of all make search engine know your blog. You must submit your blog to search engines(Google,Bing) for indexing your posts. Submitting blogs to search engine is like a cutting a piece of cake. In order to submit site maps you firstly needed to generate site map.

How to generator site maps ?

Click on the link below for generating site map of your blog.

Word press Plugin  for creating XML Sitemaps -

XML Sitemap generator for Websites -

Next Step is to submit these site maps to search engines like Google,Yahoo and Bing.Submit sitemaps to respective webmaster tools

For Yahoo and Bing - Bing Webmaster Tools

Google and bing will index all your posts within 1 month. Next steps are also helpful for increasing your google page rank.Google page rank is major factor for SERP. 

2. Write Fresh And Original Contents

If you have a habit of copying contents from other sites,then stop it now onwards. Copying contents from others is a crime and search engines hates copycats. Always write your own ideas,for improvising your content dig deeper on your topic. Copy cats may bring traffic to your sites but you are prone to ban from google and web hosting company. Keep an eye on targeted keywords. While writing try to stuff about 5% of keywords on your article. Find the best suitable keyword using Google Keyword Tool.Always try to stay updated on your knowledge,that would bring a fresh and cool look to your blog.

3. Social Media Networking 

Social Medias play an important role in bringing traffic to your blog. Begin to join some famous social media's like Face-book,Twitter,Orkut and Google Plus. Also join some Blogger communities and forums also ensure your participation on leading discussions.This will make others to look your blogs. Start friendship with bloggers in your same niche.

4. Link Building 

Link Building is an important step on Search Engine Optimization. Always try to build quality back-links.Google always looks for quality not for quantity. With good quality backlinks your website popularity increases. When building backlinks always stick to Do-Follow backlinks. Always keep a good ratio between do-follow and no-follow list.

5. Select Keyword Rich Domain Name

Selecting Domain Name is an important task in Blogging.Always try to register keyword rich Domain name. Always stick to short and meaningful domains,use hyphens to separate never leave space between the parts. 


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