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What is Bounce Rate ? Five Stunning Ways To Improve Bounce Rate

In my last post about Blogger Widget-Related post widget for blogger. I was repeatedly telling, adding the related post widget would improve bounce rate of  your web page. By improving I mean reducing the bounce rate. Bounce rate is one of the basic term that each and every blogger must know. Improving the bounce rate helps in increasing the page rank and reducing the loss of visitors. Bounce rate is sometimes confused with exit rate let me tell you both terms are different and they have different effects.


Bounce rate is an internet marketing term and it is one of the important metric used for website traffic analysis. Simply it gives you the percentage of visitors bouncing from your webpage. Bouncing may occur due to several reasons. Some of them are given below.

  1. Visitor closes the browser.
  2. Visitor is taken into other webpages. 
  3. Visitor when clicked on an external link provided in your webpage.
  4. Visitor types new web address.
  5. Visitor when hit the back button.
I would give a rough formula for calculating the bounce rate of your website.Bounce rate is simply given by
Improve Bounce Rate


I know calculating bounce rate using the above formula is little bit tedious and time consuming.Exact bounce rate can be calculated by using a web analytic program known as Google Analytics. Google Analytics is an automatic program which calculates your daily,monthly,weekly and hourly bounce rate. This program is updated on a daily base. 

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1) Technique  #1 : Improve Your Page Load Time

Page Load time is an important factor which is to be taken into consideration when you are trying to reduce bounce rate. Always try to put a fast loading Template,avoid stuffing more widgets in your sidebar and footer. Using too much ads leads to decrease in page speed. Try to avoid intext ads. Also try to compress your images before uploading. Periodically check your site speed using Pagespeed Insights.This is an effective tool provided by google ,it not only calculates the page speed but also provide some recommendations for reducing the page speed.

2) Technique #2 : Keep Related Post Widget 

Keeping Related post widget at the end of each post would help to improve your bounce rate. Related post widget is a great way for keeping your visitors within your site. Keep your related post widget under every blog posts. In my last post i showed you how to put a related post widget for blogspot bloggers.

3) Technique #3 : Content Is King Always

Feed your visitors with good and resourceful contents. Always keep your informations concise and avoiding writing lengthy paragraphs. Truth is that putting a fast loading templates and traffic generator widgets won't single handily improve your bounce rate. Content is the backbone of blogging,if you have poor content then who cares for reading it ?So try to provide a feast of informations for your readers.

4) Technique #4 : Internal linking within your blog

Always try to link your old posts with your newer ones. This would help to improve your bounce rate. According to me a newer post would be linked with 3-5 older posts this would also give life to your old posts. Try Internal linking in your blog and see the difference

5) Technique #5 : Careful With External Links

Always be careful with the external links you are providing.If you are putting an external link inside your post then make sure it always opens on a new tab. Don't put too many external links in your post it will cause high bounce rate. 

Final Words

"Hope you really enjoyed the explanations and ideas for improving the Bounce rate. If you have any new ideas or doubts regarding Bounce rate,make sure you leave a comment below"

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  1. Improving your content and being engaging also reduces blog bounce rate


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