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What Is A SiteMap - Importance and Instructions

Today i am going to tell one of the basic tricks for increasing your blog traffic.Search Engines like Google ,Yahoo and Bing won't automatically index all your posts we need to make them know about our posts.For making them know we need to upload XML Sitemap to respective webmaster tools.I will teach you what is a sitemap,how to use a sitemap and its importance.


 Many of them know sitemap as a popular way to get high positions on search engines like Google,Yahoo and Bing.Sitemap includes the set of pages which are accessible to users or crawlers.Sitemaps shows the general structure of your website.Basically there are two types of sitemaps available one of them is a HTML based and other is XML based one.XML based sitemaps are used by search engines and spiders for indexing your posts.There are large number of sitemap generators available over the net.

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Usually all top search engines like Google,Yahoo,Bing,Ask etc uses sitemaps as a tool for indexing webpages.


 First of all let me ask a question.What is the use of a blog when no one can find it ?Many SEO specialists confirmed that sitemaps can improve your rankings.

 1. Helps to Find your page on search engine - The main advantage of having sitemap is, it makes    search engine crawlers to index your page.By indexing i mean search engines bots will crawl on your pages for collecting information's.If you have  solid content then you get automatically placed on the top pages.Many websites don't have all their pages indexed because of poor navigation and bad inbound links

2.Improves Rank and Link Popularity - One of the important part of Search engine optimization is the quality of link pointing towards you.Apart from backlinks internal links also play an important role in Google page rank.Sitemap gives a descriptive idea about your  internal links to search engine thereby increases the probability of finding your site on top of search results.


There are many sitemap generators available on internet.For Word press blogs sitemap can be directly uploaded to Google Webmasters using a plugin.Click the next text for downloading.
 Wordpress sitemap plugin
  Sitemaps for wordpress blogs can also be generated by some external websites.Click  on Sitemap Generator   

For Blogger Blogs uploading site map is quite easy.Enter google webmaster tools and click on Add/Test sitemap and add rss.xml or atom.xml on the blank box in which you are asked to enter the location of sitemap.Pictorial explanation is given below

 After typing rss.xml or atom.xml click on submit sitemap.Everything is done fine and within 1-2 days Google starts indexing your posts.If you find this post informative dont be reluctant to leave a comment.


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  2. By indexing i mean search engines bots will crawl on your pages for collecting information's.If you have solid content then you get automatically placed on the top pages. It's good to read about importance of sitemaps.

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