Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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Amazon Mechanical Turk - Review

Amazon Mechanical Turk commonly known as mturk for many, is a crowdsourcing market place where requester's meet workers for completing certain task for a certain amount of money. Amazon Mechanical Turk was publicly launched on November 2, 2005.Over these years Mturk had become a steady source of income for many.You can find many mturk like site all over the net,but none pays you up to Mechanical turk. Amazon mturk is owned and controlled by Amazon web services.Works given to workers are commonly known as hits and you will get paid for each approved hits.Earnings per hit ranges from 0.01 $ to 100$.You can find many hits within in the range of 1$-5$.These hits are quite easy to complete probably most of them will be surveys.

Make Money With Mturk
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Mturk Scam or Legit ?

No,It's not a scam.This is one of the most searched doubt about Mechanical Turk on search engines like Google,Yahoo and Bing. Let me tell you something how can you think it is a scam? when it is backed by Amazon.It's insane if you are thinking like that.Mechanical Turks helps you to make $$$ within 60 seconds.

The highest amount  made by me on a day is about 13$,that too during my break times.I think it's quite good sum.Last month,I had earned about 150$ from mechancial turk. I used it for buying some blogging tools.

How To Apply For Mturk ?

Are you impressed with mturk ? Then what are you waiting for ? Just log on to Amazon Mechancial Turk and fill out the columns correctly and wait for a day or two for getting approved. Nowadays Indians are not getting approved but give it a try,sometimes luck favors you.

How Amazon Mturk Pays ?

Don't worry Amazon have different modes of payment, If you are an Indian user then you can enroll in Indian Money.Check and Paypal are the modes by which the workers are paid. Amazon will take an amount of 4$ before dispatching the check.


Are you tired of blogging  or still getting peanuts from blogging ?Then it's time to move on to Amazon Mturk.If you have a good soul to do some  hard work then I am sure you can earn about 25$ + per day. Hope you guys enjoyed my post,stay tuned with us for more money making techniques.

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