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How To Get An Approved Adsense Account Using Youtube In No Time

Adsense is the best way to monetize your content,but many of the bloggers are not able to get an adsense account.Every bloggers dream is to get a fully approved adsense account! Majority of bloggers fails to get a fully approved adsense account.Getting an adsense account is an easy task but maintaining it is difficult.Recently I saw some of my friends got approved adsense account using some black hat methods,for them i had only thing to say you won't see adsense earnings in your pocket because you are going to get caught redhanded by google.Using black hat methods is very much prone to lifetime adsense account ban.So never try any black hat methods for getting an approved adsense account.Don't worry about black hat things!  Today i will give you  some simple tips which will enable you to secure a fully approved adsense account.But this method requires some care and hard work, let me remind you that there is no shortcut for success so you must work hard.First of all before telling the trick i would like to say "TRUST ME" because it's a legit way to get a fully approved adsense account.Don't be afraid of google policies,this trick is not against any terms and conditions proposed by google.
Approved Adsense Account  Using Youtube

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How To Get An Adsense Account Using Youtube Within Minutes ! 

Step #1 

Login to your youtube account if any,or else sign up for a youtube account.Before creating a youtube account please check that the email id is same as that of your blog's.If you don't have a gmail account then it's time for creating one.

Step #2

Create a video or else use google search for any technology related video uploaded within an hour.Try to create a self video rather than using google search.Always try to create a video of your blogs niche.

Step #3

Now it's time for uploading your video to your youtube channel.Try to add best title,description and tags before saving the video.Perfect title,description and tags helps you to generate a decent search traffic to your vlog.

Step #4 

After uploading the video click on monetization tab and then click on monetize my video.After few hours you are able to see ads on your video.

Step #5 

After monetizing  your video wait for few minutes and check your email id you will be able to see a happy news stating that your youtube account is approved for monetization.Next step is the easiest one if you are using a domain you are directly approved for an adsense account.But if you are using a .com domain you should follow the below tips.
                                       How To Get An Adsense Account For .com Domains


Hope you guys enjoyed my trick.Please use this trick as soon as possible and start earning dollars.Still confused?Leave a comment I am at your help.Stay connected to blog master for more tricks and tips on blogging!


  1. This is indeed the easiest way I ever seen how to get Google AdSense approved within a limited time.

    1. Yes you are absolutely right! getting approved by youtube is the best way to get an adsense account only problem which exists is the account will be a hosted one !

  2. Hi,

    You said it right getting google adsense account approved is very difficult as people are not able to go with the policies. Getting approved from Youtube is a nice way and you have mentioned in a correct way.

    Thank You

    1. You said it right getting an adsense account using the proper way is a tough job.Google's terms and policies are quite strict and we must take at most care while applying for an adsense account.I found youtube method for adsense effective and as a legit as of now.I very grateful that you liked my post.Stay tuned to blogging nik for more updates on blogging tips and tech updates.

  3. Hi Author,

    This tutorial very helpful for getting adsense account for blog/website.

    1. Thanks bro.. I am very happy to hear this from you guys. Stay tuned for further updates.


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