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What Is Alexa ? Best Known Ways To Boost Alexa Rank.

If you are blogging for a while then you may be aware of many ranks  like Page Rank otherwise known as Google Ranking ,Alexa rank and many more.Today am here to say something about Alexa rank and why should you try to boost alexa rank. Alexa ranking is updated and owned by the web giant ranks the website on the basis of traffic,back links and many other factors.Nowadays webmasters are always keeping an eye on their blogs alexa rank.Many bloggers still have doubts about alexa ranking and Google page rank.According to me Google ranking will give you nothing, but improvement in alexa increases your web traffic and nowadays many of the advertisers are always looking for good alexa ranked blogs.

Alexa Rank heavily depends on backlinks,traffic and blog niche.Blog niche is also a great factor in determing alexa rank. Check out my story , one of my blog "Gamescay"which is 2 1/2 years old still have only alexa rank of 8 lac but check this blog which is only 1/2 a month old. It has better alexa rank about 6 lac. From this story am trying to say blogging niche is another important factor . Blogs on blogging tips are the best known to my knowledge. Please check your alexa rank today itself, lower alexa rank means your hard work has paid off high alexa means you are not updating your blog daily, keep updating your blog daily and see your alexa improving.

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Importance of Alexa Rank - Why Boosting Alexa Rank ?

Nowadays Alexa rank is important for a blog.There are many reasons why it is important some of them are given below.
  1. I recently noticed that advertisers look on your alexa rank and judge your reputation.So for improving reputation you must try improving your blog's Alexa.
  2. Improved alexa shows your hard work and dedication.
  3. Guest posting had become one of the safest way to improve your blog's backlinks,so webmaster checks your blog's alexa before accepting guest posts.
  4. Alexa rank plays an important role when you are trying to sell your blog.Lower Alexa means higher the price.
These are some of the reasons why alexa rank is important to webmasters.Below this i will give you some successful tricks for improving your blog's alexa. Carefully read and apply it on your blog.

Best Known Ways To Improve Alexa Rank

First of all let me tell you there is no such thing named as Alexa rank booster,I saw many of them searching alexa rank booster script,alexa rank booster software, and many other rubbish things on search engines.For them i have only one thing to say " There is no substitute for hard work".If you are trying to do it by any black magic methods then am pretty sure that you will get penalized by the mighty G.

  1. Install Alexa Tool bar on your web browser.It works flawlessly,Visitors with alexa tool bar on their browsers are like bonus points.So ensure that you have alexa tool bar.You can download it from here.
                                         Alexa Toolbar [Download]
  2. Try building backlinks, more and more backlinks means more traffic,search engine friendly and a great drop on alexa ranking (drop in alexa rank is good ).There are many ways for building backlinks some of them are submitting articles to social bookmarking sites,commenting on other blogs which are of same niche.
  3. Install Alexa widget on your blog,it will help you to boost alexa rank.It will also helps to stay updated with alexa rankings.
  4. Claim your site on alexa. Quite weird ? Don't worry it works,i tried and i saw a tremendous increase on my alexa rankings.
  5. Write review about your site on alexa. If you are not able to get reviews naturally then make it artificially by compelling others to write review about your site on alexa.
These are some of the best known ways to boost alexa rank,by using these tips you could rank your site under 50000 global rank which is good.


Nowadays alexa rank matters,they are given more priority than google ranking.So always try to lower down or boost your site's alexa ranks as quickly as possible. Apply my tips to your blog and wait for some days you will see boosting of alexa. Hope you guys enjoyed my post Stay connected with me for more blogging tips and tricks.


  1. Good points. Does sharing links on social media networks affect alexa ranking.

    1. Thanks bro for visitng ! Subscribe to newsletter and stay updated for tips.Yes it will increase your traffic thereby lower down your alexa rank.

  2. AnonymousJuly 11, 2013

    Ya i claim myself on alexa but how to review on alexa can u tell me?

    Ariful Haque

    1. Thanks for visiting buddy! You may find a 5 star rating near site linking click on it a review on it !

  3. Alexa rank your website by using your backlink data and overall indexing pages your website has. The best thing about alexa rank is, it shows how your website is performing in different region.

    1. Yea Well said bro! Alexa is very useful in many ways.Keep visiting blog master for more tips and tricks on blogging.Thanks for visiting!


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