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HTC One Smartphone Full Specifications And Review

Can anyone imagine a world without mobile phones ? I guess no one could imagine such a thing,Nowadays mobile phones are not just used for communication purposes but also for many multimedia purposes.Advancements in technology had opened new chances for many mobile developers.Today am going to talk about one such mobile developer "HTC". HTC corporation is a well known smart phone developer.It was formerly known as  High Tech Computer Corporation. HTC is a Taiwanese based mobile developers,well known for developing super cool smartphones.I am not going to talk too much on HTC let me be straight to the point .Today am going to show you "HTC One Smart Phone Full Specification and Review" HTC One is the successor of the critically acclaimed and commercially unsuccessful One X.One X was unsuccessful because of its poor marketing efforts.HTC One was planned to release on mid of March 2013 but due to some reasons it was delayed to first week of April.5 million HTC One phones were sold out on the initial two months world widely.One was universally received with positive reviews and hardware front was praised a lot.

HTC One is a really interesting phone because of couple of reasons 1. This phone is HTC's main flagship and it seems like it's their last hope to stay on the race. 2. It is competing directly against the Samsung's flagship Galaxy S4.It's interesting to see that HTC has actually took some serious risks with this phone.

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HTC One Full Specifications And Review

HTC One Smartphone Full Specifications

HTC One could be on the list of "Top 5 Android Phones" of all time because of its unique features and specifications.Read more to find the HTC One Full Specification

HTC One: Operating System And Processors

This HTC phone gives you better experience than any previous HTC phones.HTC One is the running the newest version of Sense UI called Sense Five on top of the android 4.1.2 jelly bean.Operating system of this phone is updatable to the newest versions.This phone is really fast better word to use is quick.HTC One is pumped by 1.7 Ghz quad core processor and a 2GB  ram.I ensure that you will never run out of ram.

HTC One : Display

HTC One comes up with a 4.7 inch 1080P HD display.HTC One has extremely nice display of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It also consists of 468 pixels per inch..Viewing angle of this phone is quite high so two peoples can watch a movie at a sametime through this phone.

HTC One : Sound

HTC One consists of two boom sound front facing speakers.Holes of boom sound speakers are micro drilled and they are really very high quality.According to HTC One is the only smartphone having such an audio quality.These front facing speakers are stereotype so if you are watching a movie or playing a video you can actually hear things move across from one end to another.In terms of sound quality this phone overcomes it's rival Samsung Galaxy S4.

HTC One : Camera

Camera on HTC One is not much great and not too bad it's just okay.Basically this phone takes decent pictures on regular light and outstanding pictures and videos in low light.If you care for  low light pictures then this is probably the  best smartphone next to lumia 920.HTC One comes up with a primary ultra pixel camera.Primary camera is about 4 Megapixel and Secondary camera is about 2.1 MP.

HTC One : Price

This 2013 released phone is available at a price of  Rs 43,490 in Indian markets this same phone is available at price of  600$ on US markets.

Pros And Cons Of HTC One


>This phone is having the best low light camera 
> Entire body is made of metal.This gives it an elegant look.
>Front facing boom sound speakers.This why HTC One is the best smartphone on the basis of sound.
>2 GB Ram,Adreno graphics and 1.7 Ghz processor.
>Blink Feed gives you a good navigation experience.
>HTC One is having really great battery.HTC had worked a lot on battery.


>Low standby time 
>Camera quality is not upto the mark


According to me this phone is the best available android phone till date.This phone is way better than Samsung Galaxy S4.This phone was a revolutionary attempt from HTC.In this phone you could find many unique features like 
> Aluminium covering 
>Ultra Pixel technology 
I would love to give 9.5/10. 0.5 decrease from perfectness is because of it's low quality camera.


In the technology section of you could  find full specifications of all tech gadgets.We here are constantly trying to improve reader expirence.If any of you find any difficult please inform us!Hope you guys enjoyed my post! Leave a comment if you still have any doubts we will be at our service.


  1. nice phone and your blog also. you had explained this phone in such a beautiful order.

    1. Thanks bro! I am glad to hear that you liked my post .. Stay tuned for more technology and blogging related stuffs

  2. Nice, precise review. You should also write an article on the HTC One Mini.

    1. Thanks Sarah for leaving a comment.I am planning to write about HTC One Mini.Thanks for visiting,Do visit again,we will be updating our blogging with fresh tech contents.

  3. Nice post.You have described details of the phone really well. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks for the reply please regularly visit and post your feedbacks.I am always here for you.Thanks again bro !

  4. HTC One in essence is a great looking phone. It’s design and build quality will certainly attract many passers by at least to take a closer look.


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