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Moto X Rumours About Release Date,Price and Specs

Over these years we had seen popping up of many new cell phone companies. Aren't you confused of selecting the most suitable smartphone of your taste?Yes i think,because there are many companies which provides the same specs under different price ranges.Selecting a good one of your taste from a big list of mobile companies is a tough job.Only thing you could do is going after a good brand name.Android operating system had made a big revolution on the smart phone industry.Hats off to google for developing such an operating system. What if Google itself had made a mobile phone for you ?Am not going to talk about Google nexus but am going to say something about the upcoming flagship smartphone developed by Motorola.Are you wondering about the relationship between Google and Motorola? Google had taken control over motorola mobility but we are still waiting to see that moto and Google combo.On a press conference hosted by AllThings D Motorola CEO Dennis Wood side has confirmed the existence of long rumoured smart phone Moto X.According to the available sources moto x is all set to hit the world market by November 2013.CEO Dennis Wood also confirmed that unlike the nexus phone this will have a world wide release.         
                               Moto X Rumours

Moto x is expected to be launched on United states by October 2013.Since motorola and google is planning for a world wide release we could see Moto X on Indian markets too. Wood side also added that, Moto x will be the first android operating smart phone manufactured by Motorola in United states.Black version of the moto x phone was released online earlier.Prior to the black version we could predict the specs of moto x phone.I think it would come up with 2gb ram and will have a 720p HD display.Now let me talk about some the rumors about Moto X's hardware,design and release date.

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Moto X Hardware Rumours

According to me Moto X  phone would come up with a two core processor,It would come up with many sensors like accelerator and gyroscope.Phone will be smart enough to switch on the camera when we are desired to take a snap.Motorola and Google are quite interested in solving the consumer's long time problem of battery life and durability.According to the reports from GSM arena Motorola's Moto X would come up with a 4000 mAH battery  which would be very high for today's standards.The two processors helps to optimize battery usage of different programs. Rumours also told that the key features like ram and storage capacity  are customizable .Another phone reviewing site (Phone Arena ) told that it Moto X would come up with a huge collection of colours,which includes metal,wood and carbon.These are some of the rumors which came on the hardware side.

Moto X Rumoured Release Date And Price

Since this phone is made entirely on United states the price tag of this phone would be on the higher side.The phone may be first released on US.Then after few weeks it would be available on world markets. 


Moto X is expected to hit the world market on this summer or later.Only think we could do is wait ! Final decision is up to Motorola and Google.Hope you guys enjoyed this post.Please subscribe and leave some valuable comments! 


  1. amazing smartphone i really like it :)

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  3. Gorgeous phone. I hope Google will release it here in India.

    1. Yea me too hoping to witness it's release in India!


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