Saturday, July 13, 2013

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Top 5 Ad Networks To Make Money With RSS Feeds

RSS-Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication,I think these are the best available expansions for RSS. RSS, three letters which are very much familiar to each and every blogger. RSS comes from a family of web feeds which are used to publish updates of your blog. RSS web feeds are printed on xml formats,which is unique as that of html format.Blogger users may know rss as sitemap of their blog.Each and every bloggers have rss feeds enabled on their blogs for updating their blog posts for readers.
Is it possible to make money from RSS feeds ?Yes,It is possible to make money from web feeds.There are several advertising networks which helps you to monetize rss feeds of your blog.Nowadays RSS feed monetization add's extra money to your pockets.Today,I will tell you guys some well known advertising networks which are used for monetizing RSS feeds of your blogs.

Make Money With RSS Feeds
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Top Five Sites For Monetizing RSS Feeds

Today, I will provide you with some list which would take away your earnings to next level.I strongly  recommend the use any of these advertising networks to monetize your feeds.Note this point Monetize only if you have good number of feed readers other wise it's of no use.


Make Money with kanoodle ads! Kanoodle ads are context search targeted ads, it pays you on the basis of pay per click. Kanoodle contains wide variety of themed ads so you can freely select the best format which suits your blog. Kanoodle pays their publishers through paypal. Minimum payout rates are 10$.Join  Kanoodle network.


Pheedo converts your web feeds with advertising and rich dynamics. Pheedo is a unique advertising solution which enables ads for videos on feeds. Feed powered pheedo retrieves your web feeds many times a hour.To join with Pheedo Network just enter the official site and sign up with your credentials. 

3.Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads is the best advertising network in this list.It provides a  good services for bloggers called Feed advertising,which allows bloggers to run text link ads on their blog feeds.Bloggers can choose any one type of ads from the given two types of ads.Given two types are 1)Ads from Text links  2) Ads from affiliate links.In Text Link Ads, publishers are paid according to the fixed cpm rates.Join Text Link Ads from here.

4.Feed Show

Feed Show Ads is one of the oldest advertising networks in which 50% of revenues are generated by targeted ads.It's the first ever advertising network to pay through Google Adsense. Feed Show provides you wide variety of ads to monetize your feed.Click here to join Feed Show.


If you are searching for an ad network with no requirement of minimum visitors then this is the one which you are searching for.Getting an approved Adgenta publisher account is quite easy since there is no minimum requirements. Adgenta  enables the you to select the type of ads to be displayed on your website.Webmasters are given full control over the ads.Join Adgenta Network .


These are some of the best advertising network which enables you to make money from your rss feed readers.Sign up for any one of these advertising networks and start earning$$$.Hope you guys enjoyed my post. Let me know your thoughts to don't forget to leave a comment! :D


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