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Apple iPad 3 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - Deciphering the Oddities

There seems to be no prospective end to this ceaseless tug of war between Apple and Samsung. The electronic market is impulsive enough to exploit the instinctive maneuvers of these mobile giants. Samsung has devised its latest offering called the Galaxy Note 2, which pundits describe as being too big for a normal phone. It is also arguably too small for a tablet. Technocrats feasibly coined the term “phablet” for this specific reason. This device gets this unique proposition owing to its idiosyncratic elements. The phone shares substantial tablet abilities and hence qualifies for a comparison with the latest Apple hunter, the Apple iPad 3.


Pertaining to the aspect of the display, the Apple device comes with a great retina display feature. This refers to all entailed devices in the fold. This also entails every monitor in the ambit that has a high pixel and resolution density. The high density parameters make it difficult for users to track certain individual pixel points at a regular viewing range. This form of retina display has been a ubiquitous feature in all Apple products since the inception of iPhones. The phone's resolution is 264 PPI with 2048*1536 capacities. The screen size is 9.7 inches approximately. The Samsung galaxy note 2 entails a super AMOLED, high-definition display in this context.
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Galaxy Note 2

Critical analysis:

Concerned pundits draw a line of difference with several factors in mind. Each screen pixel entails a composite composed of green, red and blue sub-pixels that can turn off and on in synthesis with other operating machinery. This mechanism effectuates different color combinations. You can turn them on or off at full blast. There are many ways to segregate these sub-pixels. The Super AMOLED precedent channelizes Samsung’s Pen tile format/layout. The pattern comprises green, blue, red or blue-green sub-pixels.
The iPad 3 entails an A5x processor with quad-core graphics. If you adhere to the iPad guidelines, you will find that the A5X facility propels retina display and accentuates the visual orientation. Specialists think that this maneuver by Apple experts would be needed to fuel quadruple pixels in the iPad 2 fold. The Galaxy Note 2 entails a 1.6GHZ quad-core processor. GHz is the shorter abbreviation for gigahertz. It helps in enhancing the microprocessor’s speed or clock speed. Analysts opine that it might be a feasible number for the 5.5 inch product.

Operating system:

 The iPad 3 runs on the Apple scripted iOS 5.1 module, which entails scintillating features. You have a face detection camera, genius playlists, genius mixes and iTunes syncopated subscribers. You can delete photos from the fold of photo stream. You have an updated and regulated AT/T network percolator/indicator with enhanced audio. This impedes several problems pertaining to the battery life. The latest Android variant called Jelly bean form the crux of the Samsung Note 2’s operating system. The Jelly Bean expands and extends v-sync timing for every animation and drawing in the phone. It gives you a CPU boost in the input section. It also percolates the Android Bean, which enables viable wireless data sharing via NFC and Google Now. These are voice assisting tools, which can be shared through numerous applications.

Apple Ipad 3

Camera specifications:

Both products entail a front-facing and rear camera. The galaxy note 2 has a rear-facing camera, which entails 8 megapixels with LED flash and auto focus. The front-placed camera is 1.9 megapixels approximately. The iPad 3 integrates a viable portion of reputed Apple tablets. The phone entails a 5 megapixel iSight precedent for the camera. You have Geo-tagging, face detection and autofocus features. The front-placed camera entails 0.3 megapixels, which is significantly lower than the Samsung device.

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