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How To Dramatically Increase Google Image Search Traffic

I know every bloggers aim is to earn more and more visitors to their blog. For getting visitors, bloggers would do anything.Today am here to help you with Image search traffic.Images  are an effective way to increase your daily visitors. I know what you are thinking, How will google give you an immense amount of traffic by just reposting the images on google image search.There are several ways which include black hat and white hat method.I would never post anything about black hat seo because it's a false way to gain traffic.Now please follow the below steps for getting more website traffic.

Increase website traffic by increasing image search

3 Best Ways To Increase Google Image Search Traffic

#1 Unique Images

Always try to make your images unique.Unique images can be made be some simple steps.Always remember uniqueness matters the most.

--> Always watermark your images before uploading it.Watermarking ensures the uniqueness.There is a simple wordpress plugin called Watermark Reloaded.This plugin watermarks every images automatically before going viral.

--> If you are good at some image editing softwares for eg :Photoshop then edit your images pixel,colour,saturation and all before publishing it.Some other well known  basic softwares used are Microsoft Picture manager and Corel Draw

--> This is an important step for making your images unique.Always use different title tags and alt tags.

#2 Use Keywords Everywhere

Always use relevant keywords on the given areas.

--> Image's Title Tag
--> Alt Tag
--> Image's file name 
--> Content's around the image.

#3 Image Size And Formats

Always try to keep your image size as possible because lower the size higher the page speed.Nowadays pagespeed of your blog matters a lot.Make sure that you had compressed the image before uploading.There are many softwares used for compressing the image.I use an online tool Dynamic Drive for compressing my images.Always keep the image size in the range of 20 KB to 60 KB.
Most recommended format is JPG format.Second priority goes to PNG format.Never keep the images at a tiny size because readers may not like it.According to me it's okay to keep it in bigger size.


Google Image search had become a good source of traffic to blogs.Optimize your image search with the above tips you will find a sudden hike on your website traffic.HoPe you guys liked my post,please provide your feedback by commenting.Subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned for further updates.


  1. Good Advice and excellent presentation!

    1. Thanks bro for giving a positive comment on my post.I hope you would visit this blog again.Thanks bro for visiting and leaving a comment.


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