Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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How To Enable The On-Screen Buttons/Softkey On Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Today I was checking my messages in my Samsung galaxy s3 and having the morning cup of coffee and it all happened suddenly.I accidently spill the hot coffee over my phone. I was terrified and suddenly switched off the phone and wiped it dry. Later after a few minutes I switched on the phone to find that the physical softkeys are not working!! Once the panic is settled down as usual the next step  was googling.So here I am gonna tell you how to enable  the on screen.
Caution: This procedure requires the basic knowledge of the developer’s options  of the phone and proceed at your own risk though this method is comparatively safe and easy .
1-->Your phone must be rooted
2-->ES File Explorer File Manager. Download this app from play store
  Now let’s move on to the steps

Enable On Screen Buttons/Soft Keys For Android

Enable The On Screen Buttons On Your Galaxy S3

Step 1

Initially make sure that your phone is rooted or else you do not have access to the system folder. Since the procedure involves editing the system files, the rooting is mandatory .

Step 2 

ES file explorer is a very useful app .install it from the play store you can use it for variety of purposes.
Now for over task open the ES file explorer  and what we are going to do is to open the system file and do a small editing so that the on-screen buttons and keys get displayed

Step 3

Go to “settings”  and check “Up to Root” option.

Step 4

Move down and you can see “root explorer”  click on it and a prompt screen will appear. Here select allow/grant from the prompted screen. Similarly   also check  “Mount File System” Option.

Step 5

After completing these  steps use the folder tab in the top to reach the outermost folder in the explorer. Then locate the “system” folder.

Step 6

In the system folder you can find a file named “build.prop”. Click on the file and open it with ES NOTE EDITOR (this option will pop up automatically once you click on the file).

Step 7

Be careful while dealing with the system file.Once you opened it click on edit and add a line at the bottom of the file and type “qemu.hw.mainkeys=0″ (without quotes).

Step 8

Now save the file and exit the ES FILE EXPLORER.

Step 9

Now take a deep breathe :P and reboot your phone. Thats all.Once your phone is restarted you can find the virtual soft keys and other on screen buttons.


I hope you guys found these tips very useful.Please comment on your doubts and subscribe our newsletter for getting future updates.


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