Saturday, August 24, 2013

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Kindle Paper White Review

While in FB ,in groups related to tech i constantly came across questions regarding "Is it is a vice decision to bye a paper white ? " or "Does it actually convince the book readers to go digital ?" Wondering about this fact, yesterday my cousin ,being a hardcore reader himself, asked the same . So i decided to check what it can do to impress its readers.
Since my friend already bought this little E-Reader decided to lend and have a look. He already downloaded 'The complete Sherlock Holmes', 'The Hobbits'  and 'Lord Of The Rings'. With its 1.35GB it can hold more than 1000 titles. So you can carry your library around in this 213 gms (Cool Ha). You will not fail to notice its compact and sturdy design with its smooth curved edges. The matte black finish also looks classy. There is no external expansion storage provided.Downloading is via Wifi and 3G. So you can download on the go with 3G feature. It boasts of a battery life around 20Hrs with Wi-Fi and 3G.

kindle paper white review price specs


Now lets look into its most important function.... Reading. One thing is sure its very comfortable to hold and carry. Also it have a nice interface so that users can easily navigate. Reading is quite a pleasure. With the help of its 6-inch display with a 212 ppi pixel density the texts are crisp even in small fonts. We can adjusts the fonts and size for our convenience. Reading is not strained both indoors and outdoors. It uses a front lit anti-glare display that ensures good readability without straining your eyes. Even in outside sunlight I am amazed by its readability. This is a huge plus  which most of the tablets and smartphones failed to achieve. It got some nifty features too. For example during reading if you want know the meaning you just have to long press that word. This can also used to get reference about a person or place or events. It also features a keyword search feature and it can bookmark automatically your spots on all books.


The page turning isn't that smooth. Similarly swiping and typing requires some patience. And The browser isn't much efficient in loading some heavy websites. Also, text to speech option feature is not available on this edition of Kindle.


In short, paperwhite is really good to hold and read. In additional you can find a whole bunch of free titles. This device is surely is the best E-Reader i came across. But with Rs.14000 you may find its a bit too expensive. With  the free kindle app that can be downloaded for our devices for reading and buying books also questions whether you wants a E-Reader. Also you may find some books on much reduced price in book retails ending in buying its hard copy rather than reading in your E-Reader. Being an E-Reader Paper White's sole purpose is to serve those who read a lot and it gives only little help to others. For 3G, Amazon tied with Vodafone and offers a life time free connectivity. Even though its an expensive dealing and we can find numerous other E-Readers with lower prices, hardcore readers ,who always wants a dedicated E-Reader, find paperwhite more attractive.One can always argue about buying paperwhite. But me, well i am quite attracted and tempted but the price kept me and my cousin away from this.


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