Monday, August 12, 2013

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Must-Have apps for e-commerce business people

There are few apps that you could designate as “must have” if you run an eCommerce website. There is no doubt that you have everything you need already set up on your desktop computer. That does not mean that there are not a few good apps out there that can help you out. You will often hear of these apps being called “must have” once the user has started to use and rely on them. Here are a few of the best ones that will help you the most if you are running an eCommerce website.

As a side note, if you are running an eCommerce website via a content management system program, then it is wise to install that programs app on your mobile device. Most of the bigger and mainstream content management system programs (e.g. Magento) have apps that allow you to change settings on your eCommerce site. They often come in handy when you have to make swift changes to your website.

Apps For Business People

Best Buy

This is a free app that works for the Android and most Apple mobile devices. It allows you to purchase new items at a rate that is similar to wholesale (although not as good), and it gives you information on those products that you can rewrite to suit your own needs. It is also very good for setting your own prices.

If you are a very clever eCommerce trader then you are getting your products at a very low rate. If you set your prices to just above those of Best Buy, then all the people that buy from Best Buy are not going to be able to compete with your prices. Using this app you can purchase and check prices whilst on the move.


Many people have eCommerce sites that allow payment via PayPal. It is a third party company that makes people feel a little more secure about buying online. Plus, it is very convenient for the user.

With the PayPal app you are able to check your PayPal balance wherever you are. There is also the added benefit that the app is available for quite a few operating systems, such as the Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry and even the Nokia Symbian. The app is free, which is always a benefit.


This is available for the Android and iPhone and helps you to run a DVD or games site. It is an app that has a large directory full of games and DVD information. Instead of looking at other websites to find your information, you can rewrite the content you find on RedBox.

You are also legally allowed to copy and use any images of the official DVD or game covers. This is very handy, as you may have trouble trying to find good images to use on your eCommerce website. It even gives you current prices for new games, which is good if you are having problems setting your prices, plus, DVD and game prices do tend to fluctuate a little.

For example, newer Disney movies are always cheaper to buy and sell online, but as they get older they become more valuable. So, you can check RedBox to see how the prices for new items have changed so that you can adjust your prices accordingly.

Just because you purchased your games/DVDs cheaply does not mean you have to sell them at a lower price. It is a free app and available for most of the iOS devices. The app has a long list of the Apple products it is compatible with.


This is an app you can use with the iOS. It has a number of features that allow you to conduct surveys and market research. As an online trader you are going to have to stay in touch with what your potential customers want, like and need. With this app you can find out, and more importantly, you can get feedback on your eCommerce site. You can see what people like and what they do not.

You can even offer discounts as an incentive to complete your survey. You can keep a look out for the barriers to a sale. You can survey people and find out what little niggling problems they are encountering that may be losing you sales. The app is free, and you can even use your surveys as a way of finding out what people are typing into mobile search engines in order to find you. This will help you improve your mobile website SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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