Saturday, August 17, 2013

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Nvidia Tegra 4i- Smartphones

As the Nvidia taking the gamers to new levels of gaming experience they already announced to be working on first Nvidia Tegra 4i-Based Smartphones. Music to my ears (for those other gamers too) as i always wanted a smartphone whose sole feature is none other than gaming. The GPU makers already conquered the android gaming with its new Nvidia Shield. Aside from being able to play Tegra Zone games and more hot titles from the Google Play Store, the SHIELD also allows  to stream full-fledged PC games from your eligible NVIDIA GeForce-based PC. Well that's definitely a start for developing more mobile gaming consoles from them and now they are presenting us a smartphone solely for multimedia process (ahem means gaming of course). But now it seems to be that they are only releasing it mid-way next year.
Apart from SHIELD there aren't many smartphone that are Tegra 4 based built. So surely it is with great expectation they are releasing them. Latest news being that its modem certification will be completed late this year, ensures that they won't be available this year. The new smartphone is the direct outcome of the Project Logan initiated with the aim of giving PC graphics to SmartPhones. The talks are that it uses the same Kepler graphics architecture found in its latest PC and laptop. This may bring more Graphics that exceed Current PC and even PS3.
Nvidia smartphones for gaming


The SmartPhone features four new high-performance ARM Cortex-A9/r4 cores running at 2.30GHz. There you will get a buttery experience without any sturdiness or occasional lagging. Also it got one additional low-power ARM Cortex-A9 core that operates when performance is not required. This is to save energy while working in low performance conditions. The processor also integrates custom ultra low-power GeForce core with 60 stream processors. Other feature include LP DDR3 memory controller, software Icera i500 LTE baseband modem (GSM, HSPA, TD-HSPA, 4G/LTE), advanced image processor as well as Chimera HDR photography processor.Most importantly we want to know about battery back up. As its running on an advanced GPU little is expected in this. But they are saying that it will be more efficient in battery use that makes it ideal to use as a mobile gaming device. Actually they cleared the doubt by stating it may only use one-third power of current tablet GPUs.


With its advanced chipsets and GPU conditions this is aimed at mainstream smartphone competition. Well we are quite optimistic about this new initiatives as Nvidia's track record has proven much advanced gaming experience to PC gamers and sure that it will repeat the wins these mobile gaming.Now only one thing to do, Let's wait patiently and see what it can do guys...


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