Friday, August 9, 2013

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Why You Should Avoid Stealing Contents

We all know that blogosphere is growing at an incredible pace this is because people enters blogging for making money. Most often people enters blogging because they could have heard that they can make easy money from blogging.Newbies makes lot of mistakes since they never knew about the rules of blogging.Let me tell you in my initial stages i too had made many mistakes.Newbies simply start their blogging career with mistakes and the worst mistake is copying content from others.During my initial stages me too had done this big mistake,but soon i understood the mistakes and was back on track.Today I'm giving some reasons why you should avoid stealing contents from others.

stop content theft

Why You Should Stop Stealing Contents

Content theft had grown like a cancer over the blogosphere.Let me tell you we can't fully eradicate content thieves from blogosphere.Only way to put them to stop is by telling the after effects of content thefts.In this article i will give you some solid reasons why you should stop stealing contents.

Short Term Benefit

In the beginning this method seems to be easy and the best way for blogging but sooner or later you could be caught up.Since you are copying quality contents it will bring you some amount of traffic which only lasts for few days or months.Sites having copied contents are very much vulnerable to Google updates like Google panda and penguin.Once a blog is being hit by google updates it's merely impossible to recover. 

Content Theft Is Illegal

I think many of you guys never knew about this part of content theft.Of-course content theft is illegal one should be very careful about this part since this comes under the law.According to international laws copying content or republishing a content is a criminal offence and you hold a chance to be subjected to the court.This part could ruin your blogging career.If a owner files a case on a court you hold a chance to pay a huge amount as ransom to the content owner.

Can't Escape From The Eyes Of Search Engines

Well, In the beginning you may be stunned by seeing a good amount of traffic to your site but sooner or later this is going to stop.Search engines like google have many algorithms for finding the duplicate contents.If your blog is found red handed by any of the search engine algorithms then all you are traffic and all gone within a moment.So if you want to stay on blogging then you should never copy contents from others.

Blog Deleted By DMCA - Only For Users

If you are having your blog hosted on google's then google could easily takedown your blog.Since google has it's own DMCA systems for making blogging a neat game.So never try to use copied content on a hosted blog.


Blogging is not a copy paste game.If you want to succeed in blogging then you have to play on your own.Blogging requires hard work, researching skills and patience.If you are good at these three then am sure you will be successful in blogging.Always try to spin up your own contents never try to copy contents from others.I hope you guys keep these things in your mind and play nice.Hope you guys enjoyed my post! Subscribe and stay tuned with us.


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