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Best Health And Fitness Apps For Android

There are numerous exercise and fitness gizmos out in the market. But why we should buy them if you already have a Smartphone in your pocket. That little piece of computer is much helpful with its numerous sensors and by the utilization of right apps from the app store it can act as a very powerful coach for you. If you're looking to track your miles, want to count calories, get motivated, eat healthier, sleep better, or simply make exercise fun there's always an app is there in the appstore for android. Here i am listing three best android apps as your fitness companion.

1. Adidas miCoach
Adidas Mi Coach Fitness App

The best fitness app i had ever seen is indeed Adidas miCoach. As the name says it transform your smartphone as your personal coach. It uses both GPS and voice coaching to lead you through easy and understandable workouts. You can choose a training plan of your sport. It also plans daily workouts for you. You can also sync with it to analyse detailed report of your workouts. Its easy to set-up, use, and track your progress. With its 400+ exercises, extensive cardio training plans are also available in this. This is the most useful free running coach in your pocket.Get mi Coach For your smart phone 

2. Office Yoga
Office Yoga Health And Fitness App For Android

This app from the app store helps you to convert your workspace to a short workout zones. It is very useful for those office staffs who works continuously in their cubicles. To stretch their hands they can experiment this popular android app. If one use according to the instructions strictly the results include boosting  your health as well as immunity and also helps in alleviate arthral and vertebral pains. The long hours of works is very tiresome. By doing the simple 9 sets of yoga movements get your mind and body relaxed. The effects varies with respect to the type of yoga you are doing. It contains additional functions to give you the detailed benefits, useful tips, and easy to follow instructions. If you are the one who is looking forward to forget your office stuffs and wanna relax then definitely this cool app must be your pick.Get Office Yoga for your smartphone.

3. Fitness Buddy
Fitness Buddy Health App

This is a cool fitness app from the app store. This is a good workout app and once you try it you will love how it shows you everything and the workout routine. This fitness app is great for beginners. It is easy to follow exercise instructions and is user friendly. It contains many many amazing contents. It have 1000+  exercises and that much HD videos to guide. It also categorizes exercises and have workouts for each equipment. By using this app your smartphone itself acts as a gym instructor. You would never have seen such a wonderful app in the play store that can help the beginners as Fitness Buddy does.Get Fitness Buddy for your smartphone.


Try any one of these android and share your experience with us.I pretty sure you will like it because these are the best health and fitness apps.Hope you guys liked my post.Share your feedbacks with us.


  1. I like "Office Yoga" the most among all new android apps. Today people are engaged with their job and they are far away from their health.
    New Android Apps

  2. Thanks buddy for liking my post hope you will stay tuned to our updates!

  3. Mobile applications (apps) can help people manage their own health and wellness, promote healthy living, and gain access to useful information when and where they need it. For Example consumers can use both mobile medical apps and mobile apps to manage their own health and wellness, such as to monitor their caloric intake for healthy weight maintenance.

  4. I know some of you are probably saying, how am I suppose to know If I'm within my Fat burning zone If I'm not in the gym ( since most treadmills and things have a thing on them that will tell you ). But the truth is, you can't really know really, though I think pedometers might have an option on them which tells you, but I'm not sure.

    Also, they say that the best time to perform Aerobic activity is first thing in the morning or immediatly after you workout. Though everybody has a different view on what the best time to do it is, so I am going to lean that up to you. This also applies to the best time to workout, everyone will take a different view on this and it can sometimes escalate into an arguement. Though some people say It's best to workout first thing in the morning and have your first meal of the day be your post workout meal, others say it's good to workout in the evening. But I'll say It's best to workout whatever time works best for you. Also, another common arguement is, eating before you workout, nobody thinks it's good for you to eat a huge meal right before you workout, but some people think you shouldn't eat 3 hours before you workout, some people think you should have a scoop of whey protein a half hour before you workout and others say you should have a small meal. So again, I'm leaving that up to you, whatever works best for you, but I'm getting in to nutrition again, so I need to get back on topic. health


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