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Google Adsense CTR - Best Ways To Increase CTR

Hi guys its been awhile i had posted something on this blog.Today am going to say something about Google adsense CTR rates and some top ways for increasing the adsense CTR rates.When it comes to making money from blogging the first thing every webmaster thinks about is Google Adsense. But its not that much easy to make money from google adsense.I had seen many blogs which was having a decent amount of traffic but low adsense earnings this is due to many reasons.I will come to that later.To get the most of adsense you must try various ad units and positions.Over these years adsense had become a trusted source of income for bloggers around the world.Always use an adsense optimized theme for your blog.If you are using wordpress,it may not be that much difficult to find one.Today i will tell you few steps to increase your blogs ctr rates.Carefully read and apply the tips to your blog.

Improve Adsense CTR

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 Top Tips To Increase Adsense CTR [Click Through Rates]

1) Content Is King

Always remember content is king.Never try to spun contents which may look as they are made for adsense because it may bring your blog rankings down.Always try to write quality contents,quality contents not only bring good amount of money but also some handsome amount traffic too.With some basic on page SEO techniques and an epic content,chances of getting ranked in the top search pages of google are alarmingly high.Always try to pick keywords with good amount of cpc rates.

2) Ad Placement And Sizes

Ad placement plays an important role in Google Adsense CTR.Test different positions of ads on your blog and select the position where you get more clicks.For me the best positions of google ads is the top left side of the content and above the comments .Click through rate increases when the google ads are easily visible to visitors.My Advice, always keep on trying new positions and new ad units.You may find a good position with higher ctr rates.

3) Type Of Ads

According to me if you are getting ctr below 1% try to use text ads because text ads will be similar to your content whereas image ads won't be.It's your decision to choose.Since am having a decent CTR i chose both.

4) Visitors Location Matters

If you are targeting Indian or Asian visitors then you may find low CPC rates.An ad click from an asian country would only gain  0.01$ to 1$.Instead of an Asian country if it was from USA then you might gain 1$ - 5$ for a single click.This is the difference between the locations.Always try to focus on US traffic if you are aiming something big from adsense.

5)  Say No To Other Ad Programs

Never try to mix up any another advertising network with google adsense.It will terrebily decrease your page speed and bounce rates.I here use infolinks with adsense because it compiles with the adsense terms and policies.Infolinks will not affect page speed that much, as other ad networks like clicksor.

6) Blend Ad Units With Your Template

Try to blend in your ad units by using custom colour option.Blending gives a natural look and improves your blogs CTR.


Try to follow all the above steps after some days you will find the improvement in adsense CTR  of your blog.Take a month's time to review the changes made.Hope you all liked my post,Stay tuned for further updates.Comment on your feedbacks!


  1. Uhn! You have done a really nice work here, you really pointed out some mistakes I have made earlier but all had been corrected now.

    1. Thanks bro for your valuable comments. I will try my level best to provide stuffs like this!

  2. Thanks for the information.It really helps.I need to concentrate on ad placements in my blog.

  3. Thanx For Sharing This Article.i have increase my ctr 1% to 6%.

    1. Wow it's great. Thanks for leaving feedback. Stay connected with us for more tips and news.

  4. Right, Ads placement plays an important role in increasing CTR. For me the best position use 336x288 unit is top right of the content. Before, I put it on top left, but since I move to right side (near the sidebar) my CTR increased significantly. That's hot area. The point is put the unit near the blog sidebar. You will see adsense CTR get doubled as mine.

    anyway, this is a valuable article, thank's.....

  5. Nice tips bro, its true about the location.. Mostly my visitors came from Asian

  6. Nice write-up. I agree with you. Adsense gives trusted income to bloggers and also many applications use adsense as there only revenue scheme. I have used your suggestions, it is working superbly.


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