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Micromax E390 Specifications And Price In India

Micromax E390 is the advanced mobile phone from Micromax. It is within your budget and his loaded with innovative and fresh line of features that will truly make the mobile communication pretty fast and simple. With your Micromax E390, you can not only communicate, but also enjoy your living to the hilt. It is the mobile phone that will put you in a better position and make the difference to your enjoyment. With your Micromax E390, obviously, you have great and new features that will make your day and put you in better position. With Micromax E390, you are not just communicating, but enjoying the communication to the hilt. It is the mobile phone which offers complete set of mobile communication features and all of it within the budget price.

micromax e390 price in india

Micromax E390 Specifications

Micromax E390 is just not any usual mobile phone that you would buy on any usual sunny day. It is a bit different. Of course, it is Indian mobile phone and has lot of advanced communication features that would take you by surprise. The Micromax E390 is a CDMA mobile with an impressive 2.8 inches touch screen. The touch screen is resistive. The greatest thing to note here is that Micromax E390 comes with opera mini browser. This is again a worth noting achievement that will make you fall for it, especially since the browser brings to it the notification and availability. People around across the globe are making the choice of mobile phones which seem to be a totally expensive affair. However with Micromax E390, you have the advantage of not only advanced set of features, but also great number of communication options. The attractive screen provided in Micromax E390 says it all. It is the most voted ever option and would obviously take your way. The Micromax E390 has been great value addition for the mobile users. The phone is superb and coolest one. The mobile from Micromax has 1000 mAH battery that would make the difference in your way and you’d be enjoying the communication almost uninterrupted. One thing to look around here is that you just cannot play videos and audios continuously as it is then the phone’s battery backs out. 

Micromax E390 Features

For the rest, especially for those who wanted to go for the CDMA, Micromax E390 is obviously making some great living options. With your CDMA users, you have more than just fun happening. You also have better and great deals coming up. It would be enjoyably the great set of action that will make your communication wonderful and foolproof. Just don’t ever forget about the resistive touch screen. Everything is there to keep you going and you will be proud to communicate. Finally, it is all about the way you communicate for all the time and just any time.

Micromax E390 Price In India 

The Price of Micromax E390 price in India is around 2,599* Rupees. 

Wrapping Up - The Verdict

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