Monday, September 16, 2013

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Nokia 114 - Best Feature Phone Under A Super Tight Budget

Hi guys, it's been 2-3 days i had posted something on this blog. Today am going to do review on a feature phone. One of my friend was constantly compelling me to write something on feature phones. So i thought of writing a review about best feature phone. I'm here with something great it's Nokia 114 -Best Feature Phone Under A Super Tight Budget. Some of you guys may think am so silly to write reviews about  basic nokia phones. But the reality is that many readers insisted me to write about it. So let me start. Ever heard of feature phones ?  I think many of you don't know what a feature phone is, it's nothing but a basic phones whose functions are minimal when compared to new generation smartphones. Feature phones separates a phone from a smartphone. Nokia 114 is a clear attempt of nokia to keep up the market share in the low end. I would also like to add this is the best feature phone ever seen. Let's look more deeper into it.

Nokia Phones - Best Feature Phones

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 Nokia 114 Specifications And Features

Nokia 114 is the successor to the popular nokia 110. Let me start the review of this nokia phone from the rear side itself. On the rear side you will get a considerably small display of size 2 inch. Keypad consists of hard keys instead of commonly used soft keys. These keys are made up of plastics which make them more comfortable to use and also gives a glossy look. Great benefit of this keypad is that they will never gets faded out and also they will never gets scratched like the basic softkeys. You could also find a basic speaker on the front side of the phone. The entire body of this phone is made of plastic. Entire body has a glossy finish except the matte finish on the housing. On the battery cover you will notice patterns which gives this phone a rich look under feature phones. On the back side of this phone you could see a VGA camera whose picture quality and video quality could be ignored. I would like to say that the video clarity of this phone is 7 generations old. This shows that nokia is still there, nothing had much changed. I would advice to completely ignore the camera features on this device  either for still or video purposes. When comes to storage this device can support  32gb of memory card and can have all your videos and music in here. Like all other basic handsets this device also have a FM radio which is capable of saving almost 10 channels. Device construction is strong enough and will go on with the reputation of nokia being rough and tough.

Nokia 114 comes up with a series 40 OS. Series 40 OS on this basic nokia phone is  optimized with social features like facebook. Browser of this phone is an optimized one to increase the loading speed. This dual sim basic phone consists of standard features like speed dialing, conference calling, call diverting, call barring, call forwarding, are all in it along with POP3 IMAP4 and SMTP protocol support for emails. Nokia has its ovi email client inbuilt in it for supporting you. 


Nokia 114 comes up with a nokia bl 5c battery that has 1020 mAh of capacity. I found that to be overkilled for a device of this range. Nokia has managed to keep backward compatibility with older phones and bl 5c has been around for a long time. Once charged this phone could run for 2-3 days with  average usage and that's definitely a plus point in rural part of the globe. 

Price Details

Nokia 114 is available at a price range of 2500 Rs on Indian markets. Click here to buy the phone at lowest price available.


  • Sound quality is great compared to other basic phones at the same price range.
  • Screen resolution is not upto the best but still decent one. 
  • Fast recharging.
  • Great battery backup. Sometimes it may last for 2 days on average uses.
  • Home screen buttons improves accessibility.
  • Series 40 os is optimized for social medias like facebook.


  • Sometimes the phone hangs a bit. This is more frequent when running high end apps.
  • Short charger wire.


Nokia 114 would compete with the low end devices from micromax, lava and other indian manufacturers. For nokia it's important to maintain it's position in the low end of the market but it's the lumia which is to decide the finish end of the company.  Hope you guys liked my best feature phone under a super tight budget. If you found anything wrong or lack of information please let me know about it. Have a nice day.


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