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The Best Phones For Online Work: Iphone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4

In today’s world many of us work purely from our phones. Whether it’s checking emails on the go or using spread sheets to keep up to date with business transactions, having a phone with good internet capabilities is vital to many everyday workers. Here is a comparison between the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 – which is better for online work? Read to find out my opinion.

iphone 5 vs galaxy s4

iPhone 5: At a glance

The thing that lets down the iPhone is, sadly, how expensive it is. Although there are rumours that Apple are looking at cheaper alternative handsets to sell in the future, for now the iPhone is very overpriced which makes it too expensive for most people to afford. If you can afford it, however, you get a very good quality phone for your money.

Samsung Galaxy S4: At a glance

If you want a phone that has a huge processor, the S4 is for you. You should note, however, that due to its Android operating system you will find some applications are not available on the S4 that would be in the iPhone: many new applications especially are coded solely for the iPhone at first, to trial the market.

iPhone 5: Details

Lots of memory space options
Although Apple are often criticized for not having any expandable memory (there is no SD card slot), the iPhone does come in a range of sizes. Currently the 64GB version is the largest Apple offer, with 16 and 32GB sizes also available in the iPhone 5. You might worry that a 16GB model is not large enough, but for most people is it – after all, it’s not a replacement for a computer which will have a much larger hard drive.

Limited RAM

Although significantly higher than most phones on the market in terms of RAM, the iPhone does lag behind the Galaxy S4. The RAM – the amount of memory that handles the processing of user requests, such as apps – is only half of that the S4 has. This is a bigger problem if you are going to use apps which require a lot of processing power, such as CAD applications.

More applications

The iOS undoubtedly has the largest collection of apps of any mobile platform, at over 900,000 and growing every day. Everything from checking your bank details to booking train tickets can be done using the iPhone – something which you might find very useful if you are too busy to browse individual websites and remember complicated passwords. You can also be confident that all of the apps you download – provided they are from the Apple Store – are free from any spyware or viruses; Apple takes software security very seriously.

Good battery life

Although people often complain about the battery life of the iPhone, the sad reality is that just like you have to charge a laptop after continual use, you will have to charge your iPhone. You can rest assured that even if you use your phone all day you won’t need to charge it until the evening – perfect for businesspeople who are making calls and using the in-built diary all day.

Galaxy S4: Detail

More memory

The model of phone comes with the same memory denominations as the iPhone 5 (16, 32 and 64GB) but there is the option of expanding the memory through a micro SD card. If you are going to require your phone to save lots of documents, especially images and videos, then you might want to consider the S4 – a micro SD card is a much cheaper alternative to buying a phone with larger built-in memory.

Excellent processor

The processor of the S4 is second to none. It uses an 8 core processor with 2GB of RAM – double that of the iPhone 5, making applications run a low smoother and allowing you to have more background applications running at once. If you want a phone that you can replace your tablet or laptop with more easily, the S4 is a better alternative in terms of processing power, although you should note that the battery life does drain much faster due to the stronger processor.

Good quality camera

Although the iPhone 5 has a good camera, the S4 has a huge 13 mega pixel camera with built-in auto focus technology. This camera far exceeds what the everyday happy snapper would require – if you are a businessperson who takes photos for their job, such as a realtor or architect, you might consider the S4 a better choice for quality photographs.

Large screen

The screen on the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a huge 5 inches of 1080p HD display. This makes video playback in HD excellent, giving a great visual experience to the user interface. While this isn’t necessarily anything that a businessperson needs to take much note of, it does make your experience more pleasant.

More tasks at once

A limitation of the iPhone 5 is that you can run a maximum of three applications at a time. While this does save battery power, it means that if you really want to be able to do multiple tasks at once you’re a bit stuck. The S4, on the other hand, utilizes its amount of RAM to allow you to run one application with various others running in the background. If you want to have your emails open, check a spreadsheet and insert a photo you've just edited while checking where your client is using Google Maps, the S4 is a much better alternative to the iPhone.

The iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4: The Conclusion

While this article may have seemed balanced, the overall opinion I have is that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a far superior phone for business people. If you just want to Instagram with your friends, the iPhone is a great phone due to its better battery life and wider range of applications, but the S4 is more suited to the business world. The demands of a businessperson require the higher amount of RAM and the number of apps on the Google Play store is not to be laughed at. Both are great phones, but the S4 just pipped the iPhone 5 to the post.

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