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Most Searched Tips To Increase The Number Of Subscribers

Like humans, blogs also have many vital organs like brain, heart, etc.. Is it funny to hear that a blog is a living thing? Yes of course it's a living thing for me, What about you guys? Content of a blog  can be considered as the heart and the readers can be told as brain. As we all know both parts are very important for staying in the race. Most of the time a blog may have good content but the total reach of the content may be too low. This is the main reason why many people quit blogging. Total reach or readers can be increased in many ways like increasing the number of subscribers. Subscribers,Readers and Money all go hand in hand. Let see what are the benefits of getting a subscriber?
Tips To Increase Subscribers

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I think these are some of the essential things which you have been trying to do? Is it great to attain all these essentials for a blog by just increasing the number of subscribers. So I, think it's time to speak out the steps to increase the number of subscribers.

Content Is King

Like "Customer is King" here in blogging it's rewritten as "Content is King". Pulp out your best writing skills for writing articles. First of all try your level best to provide quality information to your readers, rest will follow you. Whenever your are writing an article ensure you had done some research on the topic. Next thing is an important, try to share your post on all social media networks so your total reach increases and chances getting new subscribers to your blog increases.

Include A Subscription Box

I think this is an old method, but still it's working try it out. Subscription boxes are often called as newsletter. Always try to make your newsletter unique. Next big issue is the placement of this newsletter the best converting positions are below the post and on the right side bar. Hope you guys will try this step out.

Request Subscriptions

This sounds like begging isn't it. In order to attain your aim you should be a beggar in this case, am sure you will be benefited by doing this. Ask your friends and others to subscribe your blog. Once it's subscribed they will get any updates of your blog via email. I think this is the easiest way to get some good number of subscribers.

Host A Giveaway

This method is bit too costly but still this is the best method of gaining traffic and subscribers. Host a giveaway and ask your visitors to subscribe and share your blog. This will improve your visitor and subscriber count. Nowadays bloggers do it because of its success in getting good amount of traffic and earnings. 


These are some of the basic tips to build subscribers, if you know more tips than said please share your ideas with me. Hope you guys liked my post. Subscribe my newsletter and stay tuned for my latest updates.


  1. Hi Nithin,

    Okay first off you've got to change that name on this post from blog master to your name. No one wants to comment to blog master.

    Secondly, you've shared some good tips. I think in every post you write it needs to have a call to action. That might be please comment because I'd like to hear your opinion or perhaps be sure to share this post with your friends. Maybe you want them to subscribe to your list but they'll do that if you entice them into getting some really great stuff.

    I've never done a giveaway mainly because they attract too many people who just want freebies and then they never open your emails ever again. I call them the cheapskates. lol...

    Thanks for sharing this though and hope you're enjoying your week.


    1. Adrienne, Thanks for visiting and suggesting some errors.It's my pleasure to have a pro blogger like you on my blog. I will change the change as soon as possible.Thanks again for visiting and commenting.

    2. i really appreciate your sincere suggestion and advice ~Adrenne.i will appreciate it if we can connect.

  2. But if you asked me, I would say it's not wrong to put your name as blog master. Example my name is Ricky but my site is and my comment name used is kreviewed. I have noticed that using my domain name drive more traffic than using my name. You also could try ping your article to sites like to get article visible more frequent in search engine.

    1. Thanks for your information i was unaware of pinging the article. Thanks for making me know that. Please do visit again.


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