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Top Five Handpicked Blogger Widgets For Blogger

When it comes to blogging the most chosen platform for blogging is blogger. Many of my friends said that blogger is something for a beginner and wordpress is the one which is commonly used by pros. Yeah me too agree with those, only up to a certain point. Coding in blogger is quite tedious when compared to html coding on wordpress and also blogger doesn't have much plugins when compared to wordpress. Still it's best on it's ways like free hosting, product of  the king G and many more. I don't know why many people hate blogger "may be because of the thought that if anything is free then it may not be worthy". If you are new at blogging then follow my blog this blog is exclusively for newbies. For an initial kick on blogging blogger is the best choice and today i here tell you 5 must have blogger widgets or plugins for newbies. Let me tell you without these widget blogging in blogger for a newbie will be tedious. So if you are here to be successful, then do what i say.

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Widget #1 - Subscription Widget

Even if you are a wordpress blogger or a blogger user this widget/plugin is a must use one. If you want your readers to stay connected then what are you waiting for just go grab it from This widget have multiple uses like helps to gain new visitors, converts your visitors to subscribers, increase your blog's popularity. Increasing the number of subscribers helps to increase your readers and thereby your ad revenue. Best positions for a subscription widget is top sidebar and below the post. 

Widget #2 - Search Widget

Search widget is another important widget which helps you to reduce the bounce rate of your blog. This search box is preferably aimed at regular visitors for searching the post which they have been looking for. For every basic blogger themes search boxes are there but if you are going to use a custom theme then ensure the presence of search widget on it.

Widget #3 - Social Sharing Widget

If you want into improve your blog exposure then this is a must have widget. Social sharing widget helps to share your posts directly to your social media account from your blog itself. Over these years social sharing widget had become the best source of traffic. Top social medias which should be incorporated with the widget are facebook, twitter and google+. Hope you will add social sharing widget to your blog today itself.

Widget #4 - Related Post Widget

Related post widget is one another widget which helps you in reducing the bounce rate of your blog. When it comes to blogging bounce rate play an important role on the quality of your blog. Always try to keep the bounce rate of your blog at a low rate. There are different types of related post widgets out of them the most effective and commonly used one is those with thumbnails. Commonly used position is below the article and this is the most converting position. Post shown in the thumb nail should be closely related one.

Widget #5 - Popular Post Widget

Most of the above widgets are targeted on increasing the visitors, one way or another this is also a widget which help you to increase your exposure. This widget is mainly concentrated on increasing the page views. Popular post widget is always placed on the side bar and many color and font changes can be made for making it catchy. Try to add this widget at the best position of your blog.


Hope you guys liked my post. Try out these very important widgets to your blogger blog. According to my knowledge these are some of the best, but i know some may have different opinion. Share your opinions and let others know about it.


  1. Very useful tools compilation specially widget #4 more useful where you have mentioned it reduces bounce rate.

    1. I am very happy to knew that you really liked the post. Thanks keeping visiting .

    2. Yeah sure, I do. It has lots of useful articles. I have bookmarked it.

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