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Top 5 Free And Paid Best Antivirus For Android

As we all know Android is the world's biggest smartphone os. Android OS can do almost everything that a home pc can do. Since they do heavy duty they are very much vulnerable to virus attacks. It's tough to find a best suitable antivirus for Android because there are 1000's of antiviruses available on internet. Out of these available antiviruses almost 90% of them are fake. Many of my friends asked me "Do i need a antivirus for android ? "  For them i had only one thing to say if you want to protect yourself then you would need an antivirus. Nowadays it's a mandatory to use an anti viruses because without any antivirus you are not secure on the world of internet. Today I will provide you some best android antivirus 2014. Try any of these and feel secure.
free and paid antiviruses for android

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 #1 AVG Free Anti Virus

Heard this name before ? I know most of you will be familiar with the name. AVG is one among the finest antiviruses for PC. Then the question arises is it of any good for android ? Based on my experience i would say,Android version of this antivirus is better than PC version. Android version of AVG has many features like malware protection,real time scanner,task killer etc. Real time scanner scans each and  every file downloaded from the internet. Looking at this features i would love to say this is the best ever free antivirus for android usersDownload here.

Features Of Avg Anti Virus 

  • Scans each and every files.
  • It is a free antivirus for android users.
  • Protects your credentials from hackers while you are on internet.
  • Provides features like malware protection,real time scanner,sms scanner, anti theft and many more.

#2 Look Out Mobile Anti Virus

On the first look the thing which caught me is the name. This is rated as the best antivirus till date. Look Out comes up with great features which could clean any type of viruses. Like all other antiviruses this also protects you while you are on internet. Download here 

Features Of Look Out Mobile Anti Virus

  • Scanning using look out won't drain your battery.
  • It comes up with features like stolen phone ( means Anti theft),Real time scanning 

#3 Avast Mobile Security

Avast antivirus is one among the best,but it is not up to look out and AVG.Still it can be told among the best because of its unique features like web shield,block hacker etc. Avast protects and warns you about the malicious apps running on your mobile.Download here .

Features Of Avast Mobile Security

  • It has webshield protection which scans each and every url.
  • Anti theft protects your cell phone from being stolen.
  • It include many exclusive features like block hacker,browse without worry.

#4 Kaspersky Anti Virus

This is one of the best antivirus for both PC and Android phones. When compared to other antiviruses this have many unique features like spam protection and automatic scanning. Only disadvantage about kaspersky is that it is a paid app. Download here.

Features of Kaspersky Antivirus 

  • Consists of many unique features like Spam protection and automatic scanning.
  • Real time scanning is much better than  any other antiviruses.
  • It has unique privacy modes which helps you to protect your contacts and communication details.
  • It also has anti theft option like other antiviruses.

#5 ESET  Nod32 Mobile Security

For me ESET is the best available anti virus on PC.ESET had kept its decency by creating a good antivirus for android os.ESET is a paid antivirus but it has a 30 day trial. That 30 day trial would make you to buy this amazing antivirus. Download here.

Features Of Nod32 Mobile Security

  • Like all other antiviruses listed above this also have all basic features like real time protection,adware,malware and protection against many other internet viruses.
  • Don't eat much memory and battery.
  • No need to worry about emerging threats.


These are some of the best antivirus available for Android operating system. If you liked this post feel free to share. If found any mistakes and have any suggestions to make please comment here or use contact tab of the blog. :D 


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