Tuesday, September 17, 2013


What Not To Do When Guest Posting

There is a growing trend among many bloggers and website owners to promote their websites and blogs by guest posting in other websites or blogs. This practice is experiencing increased popularity especially in light of the Google updates that has put more importance in the quality of links to a website and aims to provide more relevant and valuable search results.

Whether it is your first time to dabble in SEO or you have been working for quite some time in an SEO company, it pays to know how to guest post effectively. Aside from providing high quality content, there are some things that you should be careful not to do. Below are some of these things
Careful things about guest posting

Not To Do When Guesting Posting

  • Do not use a fake name. Your content should reflect the quality of the website that you want it to be associated with. If your post is of high quality, which it should be to be accepted for guest posting, then there is no reason not to use your real identity or your real name. Using a fake name or identity will only make your post seem fake as well. On the other hand, using your real name makes your post seem real, transparent, and sincere.
  • Do not use a single anchor text. Aside from looking too spammy , using a single anchor text to link to your website is a red flag for Google. For a link to be of value to your website or blog, then it should seem natural and organic. Hence, a variety of anchor texts should be used in your site’s backlinks.
  • Do not promote. To be able to write a guest post that will be easily accepted by other website owners and bloggers, make sure that it provides valuable information and does not promote any product, service, or website. Even if your aim is to get a link for your website or blog, do not explicitly promote it.
  • Do not duplicate content. Whether rephrased, spun, or rewritten, do not take another post and submit it for guest posting. Websites and bloggers will often only accept content that is not just unique to them, but to the whole cyberspace. This means that the post you will submit should be newly written by you specifically for the purpose of guest posting.
  • Do not repost in your own site or blog. Whether you like it or not, you do not have the liberty of reposting your post in your own site or blog. If you really want to repost the content, have the courtesy to ask permission from the website owner or blog. The better alternative is to link to the website or blog where you guest posted instead of reposting the whole article on your own.


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