Monday, October 21, 2013


Samsung Galaxy Round Review

Samsung is on roller coaster ride after its successful run in market and dominating its counterparts like Nokia and HTC in android niche. Recently it has launched its much awaited phone in Galaxy series known as “Samsung Galaxy Round”. Now I wonder that Samsung has more galaxies than universe today.
But, this new Samsung Galaxy is something very stylish and unique in looking and probably the only phone with half smile like shape in the market. If I talk about the technical part of this galaxy sibling then it is none lesser than other smartphone present in the market. It has many features like flexible display, whooping 13 MP rear camera, supports 3G and 4G network, latest android jellybean (v4.3) and many more.

samsung galaxy round

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On other hand, if I go for chipset part, it provides me Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 with stunning 2.3 GHz quad core krait 400 CPU. Its design is something much appreciated as it is first of its kind, real curved smart phone which doesn't only look exquisite but is simple professional as well. Its screen is also a talking part with 5.7 inches of area to show content and use apps. It has 32GB of immense internal storage with effective 3 GB RAM and it supports up to 64 GB data of mine. It has Li-ion 2800 mAh battery which is good enough, I think. What’s your choice?

Other features for which I liked this phone is its dual shot camera with same time image and video recording and touch focus with face and smile detection feature. It also provides me option of geo-tagging and image stabilization along with panorama and HDR view. Though, picasa is additional option for you. Now, I wonder why any picture clicker won’t go for this phone with these much of features.

On internet browsing side it has HTML5 browser inbuilt with Java MIDP emulator which gives like never before surfing experience. Moreover it has all common like WLAN support, Bluetooth, GPS, Hot-Spot and all. Besides that, if you like to save your documents online then it provides you 50GB Dropbox space.
It also has document editor for various formats like Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF.

Other things for which it counted are apps like YouTube, GTalk and sensors like accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass and many more.Despite with these tons of features no body is perfect. This phone also has some lose threads which are simply to annoy its users. Though, its design is much talked about but it is still under scrutiny being in initial stage. It is surely start of a new era but I think we have to wait more to get the perfect curve in our hand.

I talked a lot about its feature but still they are same as in every phone except its display. It might get market for itself but it won't set a milestone like Samsung’s Galaxy S and note siblings. Still, the users are trying it out for using apps, plating games and reading books online and I bet it would more difficult for them to perform all these actions because of it display only.

More not less it won’t be easily get fits in pocket and if does you won’t be cozy enough but it looks in hand though. So guys better you stay for some more time if you’re planning to buy this android phone. I guess few out of the box thinkers will try it and if you want to be one of them Samsung will welcome you with and I’ll wait for your experience. 


  1. Samsung galaxy round is going to be a high tide for samsung n co.! :)

    1. Yes for sure it's going to be a high tide for Samsung..


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