Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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Sony RX100 II Advance Point And Shoot - Review And Price

Hi, guys it's been a week i had updated this blog. First thing i would like to do is say sorry. Over these days i was researching about cameras, to be precise point and shoot cameras. From my research i had studied a lot and now i am capable of taking point and shoot cameras under any price range. Today am up to you with a review on Sony DSC- RX100 II commonly known as Sony RX II. This one is a compact light camera with sensors bigger than the commonly used average point shoot cameras. Those who are looking for a good image quality in a compact size then this is the camera for you. Let's check out more about RX II.

Design And Build

The camera is pocket size, small and compact but it's bit heavy when compared to the dslrs. DSLR cameras have bigger body than these point shoot cameras but the weight of the dslr cameras are distributed around it's body. In Sony RX II, almost the entire weight is concentrated at the centre of the body. Design of the camera is almost similar to other point and shoot cameras. It has some grips and a pop up flash towards the left side. Pop up flash in this camera is of automatic type. If you are using automatic mode the flash opens up automatically thereby restricting your finger movements and generally interfering the shot. Build up quality of the model is quite good. 


This camera features a 20 mega pixel sensor, 3.6 x optical zoom ( carl zeiss lens) and it also have a nice tiltable lcd screen so you can take low angle shots. This camera is capable of shooting full hd video and also has wifi enabled in it. Basically you can transfer the data directly from your camera to a smartphone or tablet or a computer. Also it has a horse shoe attachment which wasn't there in the previous series so it helps you to expand on the accessories such as putting on the flash or putting microphone extra.

sony rx100 review and price

Image Quality

The camera shoots very well and you will have nothing to complaint about it. It can shoot very crisp and very clear and it's quite good at low light especially with the Exmor R sensor that it's in it. It has backside enumeration also enabled. It also has a good size sensor which is a 1 inch sensor which is bigger than your normal point and shoot cameras. This sensor helps low light. 1.8 headstock lens also provide additional help. So it basically helps you to shoot at very low light and also lets to foucs well even if the subjects are close to it, so if you are going to something equivalent in a dslr its quite expensive. The thing to keep in mind especially is the two intelligent modes which actually got confused. They are the eye modes and the eye plus modes. Lots of processing is taken place internally during the usage of any of these modes. Basically these modes helps to eliminate post processings by doing it all in the camera itself. While this may seen excellent for most users especially fro point and shoot owners, DSLR owners may not like this because it doesn't give the exact reproduction of what's in front of you. Interface is clean but it's a little confusing. Selection of modes is confusing for a begineer but it you will get used to it after using it for some time.

 Wrapping Up - The Verdict 

In overall this camera is quite good if you are looking for a DSLR type point and shoot camera. However we did not like is the steep price which is 43000 Rs. At a price range of 43000 Rs i was expecting a touch screen facility included in it. If you are looking for a small camera with big sensors we have two options for you 
  1. Sony RX 100
  2. Nikon One series
Thank you for reading. Do let us know what you feel about the review write down below in the comments and don't forgot to subscribe the blog if you liked it.


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