Monday, November 18, 2013

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Top Five Advantages Of Being A Blogger User

Yes, I am very much proud to say am a blogger user. There are lots of advantages of being a user. Today in this article i will list out the reasons why is considered as the best blogging platform. There are hell lot of advantages being a blogger user continue reading the article for figuring it out. First and foremost advantage is that blogger is google's own product. So google looks after blogger platform and gives more search engine priority over other web hosting services.

advantages of being a blogger user

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#1 Loading Time

Nowadays google is giving an extra importance for page loading speed. On conducting a survey on both wordpress and blogger blogs you could find out that  loading speed on wordpress blogs lags a lot when compared to blogger ones. The major reason behind this speed difference is the usage of third party plugins like comment plugins,seo plugins etc. Almost 70% of wordpress users rely on these third party plugins for enhancing their blog performance. These third party plugins restricts the crawlers from working efficiently. Hence the crawlers will start getting aversion towards your blog and your blog will not get crawled often thereby leading to untimely death.

#2 Spam 

These are some of the main disadvantages of the top web hosting services like wordpress. Wordpress blogs are very much prone to hacking and spams. Once you are spammed on a wordpress blog it's very difficult to regain all your ranks and search engine positions. Wordpress blogs lacks automatic spam detection and removal system whereas blogger blogs have an automatic sophisticated system for detection and removal of spams.

#3 Social Widgets

Blogger is automatically linked in to google plus accounts. It automatically shares the newly updated posts to google+.  Sharing posts on social networks improves the traffic and increases the search engine visibility (when a user is signed into his google account). Wordpress doesn't have any automatic linking to any of the social media networks, one should manually share or use any third party plugins for sharing the posts.

#4 Back Up

Backuping your blogger blog is something like a cutting a piece of cake whereas backuping a wordpress blog is tedious and consumes your valuable time. Wordpress uses hell lot of codes for backuping and restoring hence newbies will get fried using it. Blogger interface is quite simple and doesn't require any type of coding for restoring/backuping. 

#5 Highly Secured

Blogger blogs are least vulnerable to hacking attacks because blogger is looked after by the world's best software engineers ( GOOGLE Workers ). Wordpress blogs are easily hackable since they are using many third party applications for their working. Staying protected from hackers on the world of internet is quiet difficult, so i start blogging with blogger. 


These are some of the reasons why i chose blogger as the best blogging platform. I had tried my level best to compare the two platforms. There are also many advantages for wordpress blogs, I will pull those advantages out in the next article. Stay tuned with us for further updates. To be continued... 


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