Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Alexa Boostup Autosurf To Increase Alexa Ranking

Months before I wrote an article named as the best ways to improve Alexa rank of your blog. Nowadays webmasters are keeping their eye on Alexa ranks of their blog this may be due to the delay in the page rank update from google or due to the increasing importance of Alexa rank among guest bloggers. Today am here with an awesome trick which helps you to boost your Alexa rankings. First of all let me tell you this is a   black hat method named as Alexa Autosurfing. Since it's a blackhat method I personally never used it but it seems to be a working trick. Boosting up Alexa rank is quite difficult if you are sticking to the legit ways. So check out this awesome method for Alexa boost up.

autosurf alexa boost up ways
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 Alexa Autosurf - A Brilliant Way To Boost Alexa Rank

I know you may be thinking what do you mean by Alexa autosurf ? It's just a website which gives you points for autosurfing websites. Basically autosurf is a traffic exchange site. It works like this "1 View = 1 Point." Additional points are awarded for referring others to autosurf. Let's check out it's working of Autosurf.

How Does Alexa Autosurf Work ?

Basically Alexa Autosurf is a traffic exchange site in which you could exchange a points in return to visitors. In order to gain a point you should visit a blog and stay there for at least 50 seconds. Easiest way to get points in bulk is by referring the website. Refer your friends to Alexa autosurf and gain 1000 points for each refer. Exchange these points with visitors. As the visitors to your blog increases, Alexa rank improves automatically. All these visits are automated ones. 

Only thing you should do is just sign up to Autosurf and submit your url. Follow the instructions provided on the website.

Google Adsense And Autosurf

Are you planning to run autosurf on an adsense enabled blog? then you are inviting trouble to your blog. Google policies clearly says that it hate traffic exchange programs. Nowadays google is quite strict in its policies any small violations of the policies may lead to banning of the account. 

Visitors from traffic exchange sites are not organic and loyal so they won't take time to read your writings, hence no revenue, no returning visitors. If you are and adsense user think twice before using this method.


Alexa autosurf improves your Alexa rank but it makes your blog vulnerable to adsense ban. Thinks twice before using this method of boosting up Alexa rank. Hope you guys liked my post. Please provide your feedback under comment section. Subscribe us and stay tuned for further updates on blogging and latest technology news. 


  1. I absolutely enjoyed reading "Alexa Boostup Autosurf To Increase Alexa Ranking". Excellent article. I look forward to interacting with you and reading more of your work. Have a wonderful day! =)

  2. Thanks clara. I am very glad that you liked my post on Alexa boostup. There are several other ways to improve alexa rank of a blog. Check out my other posts you may like that too.

  3. Previously I was using alexaboostup but then I realize it can ban adsense on my site,so I just stopped it.

  4. Thanks a lot for providing this useful info. I was just going to run autosurf for my website, but now I am not doing it. And I am going to read other posts as well to get more knowledge.
    Thanks :)


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