Wednesday, November 13, 2013

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Get A Look At The New Samsung I9190 Galaxy S4 Mini

Galaxy S4 has produced many versions and the I9190 is one of them. This is a Smartphone and is the miniature version of the first version of S4. The Samsung Galaxy S4 I9190 comes equipped with features that you see in most of the Smartphone. It comes with unmatched performance and efficiency. The processor and power integrated are simply terrific. Although it may be smaller in design, it is fully loaded. The Smartphone has been structured and shaped to make it flawless and provide impeccable service. You will definitely love the android experience. It is a durable Smartphone that will provide service for a long time.

get a look at i9190 galaxy s4 mini
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What is it equipped with?

This is a powerful mobile and comes equipped with 1.7 GHz dual core processor and with 1.5 GB RAM. This is simply fantastic as it will give you a sluggish free performance. The faster CPU delivers great performance and for running apps. Here is Samsung’s new TouchWiz user interface. I would say that it is a good buying alternative for the spec sheet lovers and love the price range. This is certainly a performer and is ready to give a tough fight to the likes of Apple iPhone mini

What is new in Samsung I9190? 

The air gesture is the latest one in the Smartphone. It is a wonderful feature that helps to detect little gestures of the hands as far as 7cm distance from the screen. It is a fun app that is well known and used. It supports Smart Stay and Smart Rotation feature. If you love to read books, then the smart stay will support e books. It works by locking the screen till your face is seen by the front camera. Your face is also used by smart rotation to choose the direction to rotate the screen. 

There is an 8 Mega pixel camera which is great as it can work efficiently and give standard pictures. There is also a front camera with 1.9 mega pixels. The best thing about the camera is the dealing with camera interface. The viewfinder can handle video as well as still images without even changing the modes. The end results will definitely impress you as it is one of its kind in the Mini. 

The display and design

It has 4.3 inches of screen that is superbly integrated with various features like sensors and comes with super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. The resolutions found here are 540 x 960 pixels. It has a multi touch screen, which is an added attraction. 

It just looks wonderful with the white color and black color models that simply ooze sophistication and elegance. The screen is 4.3 inches large with amoled display. The design is made to fit easily in the palm. Samsung never compromises on the looks and comfort. It comes with standard size.

Battery and memory

The mini is priced at an upper range and so it has been provided with good battery life. The capacity of the battery is 1900mAh and can provide you talk time of 12 hours in 3G. Of course you may be using the internet or listening to the music, it all depends on how you use it. 

Regarding the memory it provides up to 64 GB of expansion of memory and you get access to only 5GB. Yes it does come with 8GB of storage capacity. 

Pros and cons

Pros: It is exactly a Galaxy S4 mini, which means it is truly a mini version. It has excellent S-amoled display and affordable price. The powerful configuration plays its part well. It is great if you want to fulfill your basic demands. 

Cons: the TouchWiz is cluttered. The glossy cover is a fingerprint magnet. It has only 720p screen. Besides, it has less than 4GB user available storage. 


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