Monday, November 18, 2013

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Mac vs Windows - A much decent battle

Well, most of those cyber fights i see throughout the internet is about being which the hell is better -  An iphone or an android running handheld device. Personally i prefer android over iOS although iphone offers a sturdy build and stable but non customisable iOS.  That is because of the customisability and the  google integration feature that android provides.  But the story is a bit different in case of argument over Mac and Windows. Can the Macintosh prove worthy of use with its sturdy muscles? Or will a Windows PC hold the crown with its cool looks and features? Lets look at some points that  we may want to look before we buy a computer.

windows vs mac


Now theres a factor that hell a  lot of people considers before buying  any electronic gadget. The first question that comes into our mind? Is it worth the money? Will i ever use an expensive shit like that? What if i buy the cheaper one and it gets broken very soon? Well I’ve had that confusion myself .

As you all might know, hardware from Macintosh costs a lot. You could buy a very high-end end pc with the price you pay for a decent mac. If you are trying to go for a cheaper mac, then you won't be able to much, but you may be able to use the OS X, which in turn is a beast. Customisation too costs a lot and it aint that easy as compared to a PC.

But let me assure you , Apple provides 1st class hardware and is pretty neat to own a branded item. But why send a lot of money when all you do is use word and play flash games. Unless you are pretty good user of a computer, owning a mac is just show off!

Software compatibility

Why do i prefer Windows over Mac? Yeah this is the reason. I don't have to find a separate windows compatible software for each app. Most of the apps are downloadable in windows form by default. But if you need to find a mac compatible version of the same program, you may have to search for a while. This can piss you off sometimes. Its like finding an app for android and windows, but the windows here represents the mac in terms of Computers. To put it simply, you may not find all the apps that you used in your windows pc, but with more people now using mac, developers are striving to produce apps on this platform too.

User Interface and Experience

The first graphical user interface OS i ever used was the Windows 95 just like the most of you. Most of us grew up playing flash games  and scribbling my house on paint and using internet explorer . Yes Microsoft indeed made a huge turning point in the field of OS development.

Many of us are very familiar with the user interface of windows. But the Mac OS may be difficult for a first time user, but eventually you may get used to it. The dock is an exciting feature of mac os GUI. The UI of Mac is what i call intuitive.

Gaming,Multimedia Security

Well if you are harcore gamer, I won't ever suggest you a mac. The Apple hardware store provides you with limited number of graphic cards. But with Windows PC, you have a wide range of  accessories you could jewel. Majority of the game makers makes pc games for Windows platform only . For Mac OS X, the number of games you could find are really limited. You might find more games on iPAD than for OS X . And even if you find any high graphics game for mac, i’m pretty sure, it'll run better on Windows .

If you are a multimedia professional like designers, video editors, then Mac is the one for you! They provide you a smoother workflow compared to Windows. But multi monitor support of windows is really kickass and it really helps some designers. OS X offers excellent font management out of the box and other built-in tools like Preview for quick conversion and other tasks.

The security is the best feature of Mac. It provides better security and protection against viruses. They might not provide you with security updates like windows does but they don't have the need for that.  Like they say prevention is better than cure. Its better if you don't catch a cold than installing an antivirus to heal it.

The Final Verdict

It all depends on your choice and your needs. If you are a pro gamer, then Mac won't be an option. Its neither economically feasible to buy a Mac for typing resumes and casual internet browsers. If you a lot of money worth spending and security and stability does matter to you, then Mac is your best bet.

Thats all with the serious part.  if u really wanna hear some funny comparison between these two, try the Epic Rap Battles of History : Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates on youtube.. Its really funny


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