Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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My Personal Experience And Review On is just another contextual adsense alternative you have been searching for. Many users around the world has good expeirnce with advertising system but my experience with them is quite bitter. For those adsense alternative seekers out there, please read this review on before shaking hands with yahoo ads. According to my personal experience this advertisement solution is an utter fake and there are many other alternatives which provide better services than this crap. review
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Getting Approved

 Getting approved for yahoo ads is not that difficult when compared to adsense. If you have a blog with average traffic (100+ visitors daily) then you are very much eligible for an approved yahoo ads account. There is no sign up process only thing you should do is to sent a request for an invite. If your blog is eligible for yahoo ads, then within 1-2 days you will get an invitation form from a yahoo official. Getting approved is just a piece of cake there aren't much hurdles too ( like pin checking in adsense). Once you got approved then you have reached safe zone, they won't ban you for unnecessary reasons.


  • Basically ad is a cpc type one, i.e they provide ads on the basis of the content.
  • Chances of getting paid more because this is owned by web giants yahoo and microsoft.
  • Relatively less chances of getting banned when compared with google adsense.
  • Ad units are new so chances of getting clicks and getting paid are quite high. Adsense ads are familiar for everyone but yahoo ads aren't that much familiar.
  • It's been said that you could earn huge amount of revenue from ads.
  • Neat and clean arrangement of items on dashboard gives an elegant feel. Most of the adsense alternatives have poor dashboard design.

My Experience And Review - Ads

yahoo ads google alternative

My experience with is quiet shocking one. Once i got an approved yahoo ads account i decided to place 1 yahoo ad unit on my blog. On the first day itself it starts showing some handsome revenue and rpm ( revenue was much above than adsense). Yahoo continued to give such handsome revenue for a week. Within one week i was able to make 14$ which i consider as a good amount. But after a week site's rpm and estimated revenue started decreasing and eventually came to zero. I thought it may be a bug, so i waited for another week without contacting the officials. Still there was no change in the RPM and estimated revenue. So i decided to contact the yahoo officials but i was terribly shocked hearing their responses. One of the yahoo official mailed me that traffic to my site is not from US/Canada thats why there is a sudden decline in earnings (60% of my traffic is from us). After googling about the issue, i found that many top bloggers are also experiencing the same problem. This is the main reason why i switched back to google adsense. I always consider Google adsense as the best advertising network. 


This review of ads is based on my personal experience. If anyone has got better experiences or similar experiences (like mine) please do share with us. Hope you guys liked my post. Stay tuned to blogging nik for further updates on technology and blogging.

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  1. are fraud, a group of layers, when u reached to get paid they will suspend your account with the reason i.e. we are suspending your account due to low traffic, they are all son of bitch. They are suspended my two accounts one by one when I reached to get paid on my site don’t use them they are fucking indians


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