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Hands On: Sony Xperia Z1 Full Specifications And Review

Sony is the only mobile manufacturer who was able to launch a flagship model earlier this march. This premium smartphone makes use of all new technologies available. Sony Xperia Z1 is a phone model which everyone would love to buy. Sony Xperia Z1 is known for its high rating, android operating system and stylish design. Well the smartphone has lots of going for it and it was too some what rough along the edges. It has got  front and back panels made of glass, sides with rubber finish. The screen was large and have a high resolution but  the viewing angles are poor compared to other phones on the same class. I bought my first sony xperia phone from with a great deal of 25% off. Buy any sony xperia mobile at a surprising price from flipkart using my affiliate link. The camera is 20 MP and features the most interesting EXMOR sensor. Nothing much has improved from its predecessor, sony hasn't waited for another year for releasing its flagship model. Sony Xperia Z1 is nothing but a heavily upgraded version of Xperia Z processor. Xperia Z1 is rated as the best smartphone( till date ) from sony. Let's check out its specifications, design and overall verdict.

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Sony has tried its level best to give a premium look for its flagship model. I think they are very much successful in doing that. Sony Xperia Z1 has almost the same design as its predecessor. Nothing much has changed except, xperia z1 features metallic frame around its sides and weighs 30g more than it's predecessor. Predecessor xperia z came with a rubber finished side. Metallic sides completes the premium look and provides a feel of very high quality machinery. The front and back panels are made of thin flat tempered glass. For me sony xperia z1 wins the title design when comparing with the flagship models from htc, apple and samsung. Sony xperia z1 is a beautiful phone which i would recommend to everyone.


Sony has really been working hard to bring a better display experience after the xperia z which came with a pretty decent display. Sony uses x reality engine in xperia z1 underneath what is now called the triluminescence display capable of 1080p resolution at 441 PPI. Tech reviewers had reviewed that sony xperia z1 display is quite disappointing, but only a little for me. For me xperia z1 comes with a great screen complementing the dark returns of timescape UI very well. When it comes to media I do still gets shades of the small sony television what this xperia smartphone. All in all it's a very enjoyable experience. I certainly enjoyed watching movies, videos in sony xperia z1. Viewing angles in xperia z1 is quite good when compared to its predecessor. The backlight of the screen shows up on the sides, looking at an angle to the sides you could see a white line on the very edge of the screen. Let's now check out the next section.


Moving on to the performance section sony xperia z1 is pumped up with the next generation quad core processor. Sony Xperia Z1 comes up with powerful qualcomm snapdragon 800 quad core processor with a decent clock speed of 2.2 GHz. This processor is backed with adreno 330 and a 2gb ram. Z1 employs  quite well, keeping its high speed basically through out from the homescreens to apps. 

Coming on to the gaming section, this phone is capable of running all high end games flawlessly. I would love to talk a lot more under gaming section but the article becomes little bit lengthy so am cut shorting my words. Sony Xperia Z1 keeps up with the best in the smartphone game today.


In the hardware department xperia smartphones generally have water and dust resistance making them capable of braving the elements. Xperia Z1 has IP58 certification making them able to stand up to 30 minutes in 1metre of water. The main speaker on the bottom of the phone is much larger than what it was found in the previous xperia offerings and actually translates to somewhat richer sound. Z1 comes with a large 3000mAh Li battery that performs pretty well. Movie watching drains the battery faster than any other flagship models. Lg G2 is the king under this section. Stay away from Z1 if you are a heavy power user.


Arguably the biggest story what the xperia z1 is it's very beefed up camera offering. It says that it's right next to the actual unit underneath the large G for G lens. This has the custom made EXMOR sensor larger than most cell phone cameras and is capable of wapping 20.7 MP. Low light photography with this camera is quite great compared to other counterparts. The picture quality coming from the Z1 camera is quite great and it's better than many point and shoot cameras under the same price range. Manual mode on this phone is quite challenging but accepting this challenge and working out enables you to take show stealer pictures. Sony proves it's promise once again with pictures that are incredibly detailed and have a great level of colour vibrance, the colour reproduction is pretty accurate and though i would mention to say it is little on the saturated side it is just enough to add an attractive vibrancy to pictures and not much else. Coming to video quality, the video quality is also very good with full hd capturing available. All in all this is a camera that many users will enjoy and especially in the day light it is one of the best camera phones i have ever used.


Finally coming to the price, sony particularly put premium prices for its premium phones clearly this is no  exception. Sony Xperia Z1 is available at Rs 42,000 in the Indian markets and US readers could purchase the unlocked version of this phone at a price of $600 from


  • 20.7 megapixel camera is capable of taking awesome pictures both under day and low light. Wider angles provides room to take cool snapshots.
  • Powerful operating system "Snapdragon 800" which is clocked at about 2.2GHZ.
  • 1080p Full HD recording  with both primary and secondary camera.
  • Shatterproof and water resistant screen.
  • Adreno 330 graphics.


  • Battery present is a fixed one ie, it can't be replaced or removed. 
  • Viewing angles are improved when compared to xperia z but still it lacks something somewhere. Viewing angles are not the best at this price range. Sunlight legibility is poor when compared to samsung and htc counterparts.
  • Lacks HDMI port.

Wrapping Up - The Verdict

 If you are guy who is seeking for a premium phone with good camera quality then this is the phone for you. Sony has tried it's best to provide the best available features at this price range. Comparing to HTC flagship model this is not a best buy under a premium price range. If you are a sony fan then you would love to use it. Hope you guys found this review interesting and informative. Please provide your feedbacks under the comment section.


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