Friday, November 1, 2013

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Top Tips To Increase Apple I-PAD Battery Life

Hi, Guys today am up to you with something special and different. Recent days i was posting about reviews on android mobiles and all. Today am going to do something different, I thought of writing some special tips to increase the battery life of your apple product mainly (I PAD) by using these tips you could save money, battery and time. Personally i don't think I PAD battery life is bad when compared to other rigs at the same price range. Believe it or not by using these tweaks you could dramatically increase your I pad's battery life. First and the foremost tips is a common one that most may not know.

improve I pad battery life

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Close All Running Apps

This easy method for closing all running apps at a single click works for I pad touch new version and I phones. So when you double tap the home button it brings up icons of the apps which are running background. Press and click on the x mark for closing the unwanted apps. So much background apps drains your rigs memory and battery. It is very nice helpful thing for every I Pad/ I Phone users. 

Reducing The Screen Brightness

I pad has a big display and at full brightness it looks amazingly good but doing this significantly decreases the battery life. Reducing the brightness is a brilliant way to improve battery for any gadgets. In order to decrease the brightness on an I pad just tap on the home screen and scroll from left to right you could see the pop up menu from the pop up menu select brightness and decrease it as much as possible. Lower the brightness more will be the battery capacity. At first it looks strange to you but after some days you will get used to it. Also turn of auto brightness functionality turning off this function prevents the I pad from automatically adjusting the brightness.

Turn Off WiFi, Bluetooth And Location Services 

So the next thing we can do is turn off WiFi, Bluetooth and location services. Obviously lot of the time you will need these three settings enabled turn them off when there not in use. Turning off these services helps you to improve your battery life. 

Turn Off Push Mail / Push Mail Less Frequently

This is one of the best and an important way to save battery life of your Apple product. Just alternatively turn off push mail completely. If you want frequent access to emails then this tip is not for you. But if you are the one who want to improve the battery life then this is a must follow one. You could easily turn off push mail functionality directly from the settings itself.


There are lot more tips to increase the battery life of an I pad but today am sticking to some basic tips because of the lack of time and upcoming exam days. Please be stay tuned to BloggingNIK for more technology and blogging updates.


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