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Top 3 Battery Saver Apps For Android OS

As we are heading on to 2014 the whole world of communication is becoming smaller and faster day by day. Whole world is going smart going smart means low in battery. Happiness due to smartness will not last long. Over these years mobile developers are trying their best to increase the battery life of their products. Apart from developing high end batteries, there are many battery saver apps for increasing the battery life of high end electronic gadgets. Every one loves to use a smartphones with unlimited battery life but it's not at all possible only thing we can do is to increase the battery life. Is it possible to increase the battery life without changing the battery ? Yes it's possible there are many battery saver apps out there at the internet. Always low end and medicore smartphone's lacks good battery while flagship models like HTC One, Galaxy etc comes up with good batteries.Today I here will list out some of the best battery saver apps, these apps will increase your battery back up to a certain extent. First of all let me tell you these software's are not capable of doing wonders like increasing the battery life 200 - 300 % and all. Let me start with Juice Defender

1.Juice Defender 

battery saver app for android
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This one is the most powerful battery saver app available on play store. Juice defender is capable of managing many battery draining components and apps. Juice defender enables you to control 3G/4G and WiFi network. With Juice Defender you could manage CPU speed, mobile data , WiFi Bluetooth connectivity etc. Controlling CPU speed is the most interesting feature. Juice Defender is the most downloaded battery saver app in Google play store. Try out yourself and let us know your review.

  • Home screen battery widgets.
  • Network toggling.
  • WiFi, bluetooth disabling option.
  • Battery consumption optimization.
  • CPU Speed control.
  • Connectivity control for applications.
  • Smart brightness control.
  • Available for free download.
These are some of the interesting features of juice defender battery app. Download Juice Defender 

2. Battery Defender

battery saver app for android

This is another free battery saver app for android OS. Battery defender comes up with many features like turning off WiFi. Battery defender is a fully automatic app  and it syncs the phone every few minutes with out draining the battery much. Try out Battery defender yourself.

3. Battery Doctor

battery saver app for android

 This probably one of the best and most used battery saver app for android OS. Doctor comes up with many interesting features. Doctor not only saves your battery but also provides room for killing unwanted tasks. Battery details shown by doctor is very much accurate and trusty. Download battery doctor.


These are some of the best and the most downloaded android battery saver apps. My knowledge about android apps are quite limited if you know more please feel free to share it with us. Please provide your feedback's under the comment section. 


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    Nice applications for saving android battery. I haven't used any of the apps for the same purpose till now. i guess i'm gonna try out the listed app soon.


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