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Top 5 Online Quiz Plugins For Wordpress Blogs

Last few days we were discussing about the advantages of being a blogger user. Like blogger wordpress also have many advantages which make them to stand alone in the crowd. One of the main advantage of being a wordpress user is the library of plugins it have. You could do anything in wordpress if you have the right plugins in your hand. Wordpress can be used to build any types of blogs. Today am here to list out the top 5 online test plugins for wordpress blogs. Online quiz plugins are very much useful for those who are running an educational blog. Quiz plugins can be used to make multiple choice, fill in the blanks and many other type questions which are very much useful for an educational blog.

Online Test Plugins For Wordpress

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#1 Watu Pro Online Test Plugin 

Watu pro is an online test plugin which can be used to build multiple choice and fill in the blanks type questions. Commercial version of watu pro plugin is available at a price of $47 and the lite version of the plugin is available for free download. The plugin uses inbuilt wordpress editor for editing questions and with this plugin you could be more creative in creating question.

#2 mTouch Quiz Plugin 

mTouch plugin is created by "touch friendly" for mobile devices. This plugin uses wordpress editor for creating questions. This plugin enables you to add videos, images, automatic emailing ( email the results), timer etc.


  • Detailed solution and explanations.
  • Multiple choice questions.
  • Count down clock for answering.
  • specify if the question is attended once or more than once.
  • random ordering for the questions.
  • specify point values for each questions.

#3 Quiz Master

Quiz master is very much similar to the plugins mentioned above. This also has the ability to store questions and make multiple choices and fill in the blanks type questions. Results are automatically mailed to the candidate by the plugin in the name of admin. Quiz master also provides a room for the candidate to check whether the answers are right or wrong.

#4 WP Quiz and Survey Tool

 Wp Quiz and survey tool is one another plugin which enables you to create quizzes and surveys. This plugins restricts the submission amount i.e only one submission per ip. This plugin is very much useful for the those who are running crowdsourcing websites. Webmaster can enable registration ( for those who are attending ) by using this plugin. You can also issue PDF certificates with the help of this plugin.

#5 Quizzin 

Quizzin plugin is very much similar to quiz master this helps you to make as many questions and choices you can. Quizzin can be downloaded from here.


Hope you guys enjoyed reading the article. These are some of the best available online quiz plugin for wordpress blogs. Share your review and experience using these online quiz plugins with us. You could use the comment section for sharing the views. Subscribe to bloggingnik for further updates. 


  1. Hello,

    informative post! I was planning to build a quiz based wordpress blog, I think my search is over i can easily use the plugin and every thing would be done automatic.

    Thanks for the share.

    1. Thanks howdy for leaving a comment. Keep visiting subscribe us for more updates.

  2. Wow really great list of awesome Quiz plugin i am using watu in my quiz blog thanks a lot for sharing with us.

    1. Thanks howdy for leaving a comment. Keep visiting subscribe us for more updates

  3. Hello and thank you very much for this post. I was interested in the WP Quiz and Survey Tool, but the link says "We couldn't find that plugin. Maybe you were looking for one of these?" Any idea what happen with this plugin?


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