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Top Five Features Of Android 4.4 Kitkat

Android world and smartphone world is growing day by day. Android with it's latest update is back in the race of smartphone OS. Android being a strong competitor to apple has announced it's latest update, Apple has provided feast for their fans with IOS 7 release, we android fans are waiting for an update. Today am up to you with some interesting things. Yes the most discussed thing around the internet " Top Five Features Of Android 4.4" The latest and the smartest version of android os is planned to be released along with google product Nexus. Technically this is a 0.1 update from 4.3 but this is going to be an epic update with lot more cool and awesome features. Let's check out the coolest features of android 4.4.

Android 4.4 Kitkat Features
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#1 Dialer

I think lot of us forgot that the modern day smartphones are designed to place and receive phone calls. Nowadays no one care much about the dialer. But google had taken utmost care for the dialer interface of android os. Dialer is improved in the android 4.4 and it's improved in both functionality and design. Design is different and it automatically organises the most contacted people up at the top of the contacts by default, so it's nice and convenient and it also brings a new flat, simple design that will be seen more in android. Upgrade brings a search box to the top of the contact page. Search box enables fast searching and improves the dialing speed. 

#2 NFC Mimicking

It is known as horse cart emulation basically what it does is, it allows any device running kitkat whether it is having nfc chip or not to emulate nfc based transactions so that you can read and write nfc. It will also beneficial for bringing the ability to use nfc stuffs like mobo payments to many devices possible. Now lot of the new mobile phones with android 4.4 comes with nfc checks. I will discuss lot more about nfc chips and it's benefits in the next article.

#3 Design 

Kitkat has changed lot of the elements that we got used to since from android 4.0. New design is lot more sleek, simpler and the most notable thing in the update is the transparency of the buttons on the bottom and the notification bar on the top. All the stock apps of android will get updated along with this update. Overall it has a very nice cleaned up look but it definitely keeps the beautiful hollow stuff and also it brings full screen album art to your lock screen while you are listening to music.

#4 Streamline Performances

This is arguably the most important update to all of android 4.4. Google has kept an eye on the system requirements for the android 4.4 update. They had tried their level best to lower the system requirements, the new android 4.4 kitkat will run smoother,faster more efficiently and responsively on devices with  1/2 gigabyte of ram. The OS is much more memory efficient and is streamlined to major components to android. Multitasking will be faster when compared to the later versions of android. Android 4.4 will be initially available on Nexus 5 and the update for all leading flagships will be rolled out within a week or more.

#5 Google Search, Google Now - Smarter, Faster And Better

First of all from the homescreen you can easily get on to google now with the help of a swipe to the left and also from the bottom of the screen. Google now can also be activated by saying "OKAY GOOGLE", this feature is only available to nexus phones. That means the phone is listening to you always even when you are not using it. I personally call google now as one of the best products of 2012. And it seems like google realises how important and how unique, how good this product is. Google is putting a lot of effort and research for making this as a better product.for 2013. 


These are some of the hottest discussed topics over the world of smartphones. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Please point out the mistakes and don't forgot to leave your feedbacks. 


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