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3 - Dynamic Ways To Promote A Blog Without Much Effort

Still having low amount organic visitors to your blog ? This may be due to the inappropriate usage of internet marketing. Don't worry, I will help you to gain terrific amount of organic traffic by using some white hat promotion techniques. Today in this article I will briefly explain some of the ways ( which I learned through my research ) to promote a blog to increase organic visitors. Let me tell you blogging is a method of money-making for hard-working people and it's not for those who are lazy at their works. The world is not a small place so that's that we have a big place to wander and promote the blog. Such a long distance to go isn't it ? Don't worry we can make use of every bit by using these dynamic ways to promote a blog.

ways to promote a blog
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#1 Using Social Media Effectively

Social medias are the best place to promote anything. Social medias are something like fire it catches quickly to anything. Let me talk about the procedure of  promotion in social medias by using  Facebook ( because its the biggest social media now ) as an example. Create a fan page and try to gain maximum likes (try CPA methods) and improve the presence of the page, so that you are building a good amount of potential readers. Now share your posts on that page and sit back and enjoy. You could see a good amount of  referral traffic to your blog. If your blog has quality contents then the readers will bookmark your blog for future reference. So try to furnish your blog with great contents.

Other methods of gaining potential readers involves, creating a group and staying active on that, doing so will  increases your blog's exposure. Create a fb cover pic of your own and showcase it to others. I'm pretty sure that you could pull a decent amount of traffic from social media itself.

#2 Commenting On Top Website

Become a comment star, Try to comment on all top websites on your niche. Commenting on other blogs improves your relations with the webmasters. Try comments which are able to create some sort of discussion so that they would stay active for sometime. You could easily get free traffic and back links by commenting on a blog. Read my article on Link building techniques. You could easily know the value of commenting in blogging. 

#3 Watermark Everything

Try to watermark everything you see. Watermarking videos and images are the most effective ways, watermark images or videos with your blog url. Watermarking with blog url is better than using your blog name. Share these images/videos on social medias.


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  1. Thats a very nice post Nitin. Your also forgot to mention about guest blogging on top related sites.

  2. Hi Nitin,

    The power of social network when it come to doubling blog traffic and stimulating business strategy cannot be overlooked. Social network has played a very vital role when it comes to traffic and it should be handled with care and concerns.

  3. This is really so informative article , I have been reading your articles ever since i came to know this blog. I found every article informative. Thank you

  4. Thanks For the tips I Will Surely Do This Things.


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