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Must Have Free And Paid Seo Tools For Bloggers

SEO, the three letters which determines future and existence of a blogger in blogging career. One should take very much care while dealing with seo of his blog. Certain seo tools have been introduced by many companies for helping you to deal with seo of your blog. SEO tools are weapons which gives you relief (by helping ) in the dangerous path of success. Seo tools can be of two types free seo tools and paid seo tools. Both have many pros and cons, Today I am here to discuss about it. Basically my advice is to go with paid seo tools over free seo tools because if something is offered for free then you must check it's credibility. Paid SEO tools may not have any restrictions like free SEO tools, so i advice all newbie bloggers to secure any one, from the list of seo tools. Let's now check out the list of seo tools.

free and paid seo tools
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Google Keyword Planner For Keyword Research

Google may be considered as the father of blogging so anything from the father can be considered as a gift to his son. This is a kind of gift from Google. Earlier Google keyword tool was available and it was discontinued during the later phase of 2013. Removal of keyword tool was a big setback for bloggers because most of them are depending on it rather than other paid tools. Google Keyword planner helps you in keyword research and the most interesting part of this seo tool is that it's completely free. One could find these tools on his/her's adwords account. With this tool you could easily find out the rough figures of average searches for a keyword over a month. I personally recommend this tool to all because it's completely free and it's from the might G itself.

Open Site Explorer - Moz SEO Tools

Open site explorer is a multipurpose seo tool from Moz, this seo tool can be used to find out the domain authority, page authority and the number of backlinks. This is a paid seo tool and a free version of this tool is also available. With the trial version you could use this tools 5 times a day. This is a valuable tool which helps to find what your competitor is aiming and ranking for and it also helps in categorising the Nofollow and Dofollow backlinks. Domain authority had become a big criteria in search engine rankings, this is the best tool for checking the domain authority. I am pretty sure that buying this paid seo tool would be an asset to your blog. Buying a Moz account helps you to use many other exciting paid seo tools like keyword difficulty tool, Keyword research, Social analytics and many other marketing tools. 

SEO Book - Another Free SEO Tool

SEO book is another free seo tool which has got many exciting tools which will help you in cracking the blogging gold mines. Only thing you need to do is that just create an account on it and get unlimited access to seo tools. SEO book includes tools like keyword density analyzer, keyword research etc, making use of them improves the chances of being successful in blogging. This tool is one among the best free seo tools for bloggers.

Webmaster Tools

This is the most famous tool and my favourite tool in the list because every one have been using this tool ever since blogging has started. This tool helps you to figure out the impressions, inbound and outbound links, clicks and it's the way only way through which search engines know your blog updates. Submitting sitemap to Google webmaster tools is one among the first steps in blogging, Google bots crawls and index your blogs updates using the sitemap. There are many free webmaster tools available some of the commonly used webmaster tools are as follows Google webmaster tools, Bing webmaster tools and some other webmaster tools are also available. 
Bing webmaster tools have the similar functions as of Google webmaster tools only difference is that Google webmaster tools are for Google search engines and Bing webmaster tools are for Bing and Yahoo search engines. 

SEMRush - For Paid Keyword Research 

If you really want to overcome your competitors then you are in need of this paid seo tool. This tool helps you to find the keywords for which your competitor is ranking for and the no of backlinks linking to it. Free version of the tool enables you to find top 10 keywords of a domain. On the search results you could find the keyword ranking, search volume, CPC, amount of traffic generated by the keyword, trends for last 12 months. This a good paid seo tool to go for after SeoMoz. My first priority goes to SeoMoz only because of it's exciting features.


These are some of the best free and paid seo tools suitable for every bloggers. If you have been blogging for a while I am pretty sure that you could have came across some of these tools. If you are a newbie then this is the best list of seo tools for you guys. Anyway please check out these seo tools and let us know your suggestions and opinions use the comment section for doing that. 


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