Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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Hands On Review Of Panasonic Lumix Dmc -LZ20

Photography was never a passion for me, but this rig ( Lumix Dmc LZ20 ) changed my worst thoughts about photography and photographers. Read first and then buy this, am sure you are going to love this product. Today am here to share my review on Lumix DMC LZ20 camera which i bought 2-3 months before. You may be thinking why such a delay in reviewing a point and shoot camera. Yeah it took almost 3 months to learn what this rig, how it works, how to get the best out of it and there is hell lot of things in it to learn and apply. Basically my wish was to write a great review on it because this one lies on the top of my list of electronic gadgets bought on 2013.

Why Lumix? Reasons Why I, Ignored Nikon, Sony And Canon?

You may be thinking about the reasons why i took lumix disregarding some of the besties at the same price range. There are many reasons why i took lumix, Lumix impressed me in many ways starting from it's elegant and clean look to 21x zoom. Many of my friends told me to go with Nikon or Canon, stating that they their service, body, and  blah blah are better than lumix or another companies. Eyes closed and fingers crossed! I ordered Lumix DMC- LZ20 from flipkart for the best price available on internet. The price was exactly 7500 Rs ( it was the lowest price over the internet at that time ) now it's about Rs 13,000. Let's check out some of my reasons ( these are some of my personal reasons and please do not tear it into parts and examine professionally ) why i bought Panasonic cameras.
  • First and foremost reason was my budget, My budget was limited to Rs 8000 ( INR ) and I, was preparing to buy the rig online (  I could examine the quality of packing of electronic products, so that i could buy some costlier items later on).  I searched for a good point and shoot camera in many online shopping sites like Amazon, Snapdeal, flipkart and eBay. My eyes were stuck on to Lumix LZ20 because it was under my price range and has good ratings and reviews all over the internet.
  • Coming on to the features part of the camera, it has got the best features ( when compared to Nikon, Sony and Canon cameras)  under this budget. Lumix comes up with a 16.1 megapixel, 21x optical zoom and a 4x digital zoom whereas Nikon and canon counterparts has got only a maximum of 14 megapixels and lack of optical zoom.
  • Before buying this rig i had done some amount of research over the product over the internet and among some of my friends. I was wonder struck by seeing the manual mode capability on a point and shoot camera under a tight price range. I think none other counterparts had this option it was lumix signature one. Lumix enables you to manually adjust ISO, Shutter speed, Exposure and some other settings if you are pretty good at adjusting these things you could take some mind awesome pictures. Pictures are crystal clear and has got good colour distribution. Image quality can be compared to that of SLR one's.
  •  The first impression is the best impression, this camera has got a classy look and has got much resemblance to a DSLR camera. Even though the camera is heavier than its counterparts, it has got a clean and elegant look.
These were some of the reasons why I ignored some big names. I personally recommend this product to each and every newbies who are looking for a decent point and shoot camera under a tight budget.

Trust Me This Is A Beast -  Experience On Lumix DMC LZ20

How on earth could I write about the picture quality and other details, the best way is to showcase some of the best pics shot by me ( NB : Am not a pro at using cameras, but i think my photos won't disappoint you ).

Macro Mode 

This mode can't be found on any other point and shoot cameras under this price range. You could take stunning pics by using this mode. 4x digital zoom enables you to zoom as much as so that you could even see the dust particles on it.  This is not the best pic on macro mode please wait for some days for a collection of stunning pictures on macro mode.

Optical Zoom

Optical zoom is one of the most liked feature of this camera. It has got an optical zoom of 21x. The images does not shake even at 21 x zoom, thanks to optical image stabilization. Some of the counterparts also have an optical zoom of 21x but they lack optical image stabilisation. The camera has got an automatic mode switching on to automatic modes enables the newbies to handle any situation even if it's at high zoom or not. 

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Above picture was taken with 21 x zoom and 0x digital zoom you could clearly see some of the craters even though digital zoom was not enabled.

Image Quality

Before buying this product i read that low light photography is very poor in this camera but in reality it's not that bad. Under low light you could not take stunning pictures but you could take some decent pictures. None other point and shoot cameras under this price range could beat this camera under daylight. I would post some random pics shot under daylight and low light just examine yourself and share your opinions about it in the comment section.

Image Model : Karnan S Babu
Images speaks better than words in this case. Let's see some pictures shot at low light. I am repeating this may not be the best but still there is something in it. 

Low Light Photography

There is nothing more to explain about the image quality and details. Everything is clearly drawn and explained in the form of pictures.


I deliberately left out some technical terms, because i wrote this article for newbies out there who are in search for an awesome camera under a tight budget. Hope this review would guide them to the exact product. Thanks to my friends, Special thanks to Deepak Sivasamy Murugesan ( my friend and senior ) for taking some stunning pictures using my camera. Check out his photography page on facebook and Jayanarayan SP who had helped me throughout to write this article and for suggesting this awesome rig to me. Hope you all loved reading this hands on review, do share your opinions and doubts about the article. I would try my best to rectify your doubts.


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