Monday, December 2, 2013

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How To Add Alt Tags For Images In Blogger

Hey, its been a month i had posted something about search engine optimization tips and tricks. I think you have been waiting for it so long. Don't worry today I am up to you with a most important optimization tip. In the previous articles I was repeatedly saying about the importance of image optimization in search engine ranking. Today I will give you a clean idea about adding alt tags to your images ( for blogger users ). What do you mean by an alt tag ? Many of my readers had asked me this question after reading my previous articles on SEO. ALT Tags are nothing but an HTML tag which helps the bots to categorize the images. If an image is uploaded without an ALT Tag then search engine bots won't include them in the image search results. Doing this "Image SEO" you could get a good amount of organic traffic to your blog. Carefully read and apply the instructions to your blog.

Add Alt Tag For Images
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How To Add ALT Tag In Blogger Images 

Add Alt Tag For Images

  1. First of all sign into your blogger account and upload the images. Before uploading the images ensure that it's edited and renamed. Editing and renaming makes the image unique so chances of getting into organic search results are very much high. Me you and almost everybody download images from internet for using it on our blogs literally we are stealing contents of others. So we have to change the features ( looks) in order to make it unique.
  2. Go to your blog's post editor.
  3. Upload the required images.
  4. Click on the image, then you will be able to see properties. 
  5. Click on properties then enter the ALT Tag and Title Tag manually.
  6. Click OK when it's done.
Add Alt Tag For Images


I think this is a clean guide on "How To Add ALT Tag To Blogger Images" Still having doubts ? Don't worry use our comment section or mail me. I will reply to your queries as soon as possible. Stay tuned for further updates on SEO Tips, tech news and many more.


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